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Market Research. Although there are advantages to street interview, there are also a number of disadvantages.

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´╗┐In a street interview, better explanations are possible as the respondents? body language offers additional clues to the answer. Longer explanations are possible. There are many occasions, particularly associated with advertising and product research, when the interviewer needs to show samples, or advertisements, and street interviews is priority. Following on from the above point, it is easier for the interviewer to use social niceties to maintain interest in the discussion if there is eye contact with the respondent. There is less chance of mishearing and misunderstanding. Street interview questionnaire has a high degree of flexibility. For example, if the answer to ?Have you ever heard of (a community agency)?? is ?yes?, the interviewer can keep asking relevant questions, but if the answer is ?no?, the interviewer can also ask about other agency. ...read more.


As a result, the sample will become biased as a result of differences between those who answer questionnaires or fill out a questionnaire and those who don't. Secondly in some areas is the possible danger of stopping and interviewing people on the street. For instance, in an inner city area, people may be suspicious of outsiders, thinking they might be government workers or undercover cops, so they don't want to answer questions, and there could be a danger to interviewers or those distributing questions, since they might be threatened or attacked. Besides is that a quota method can't be used if one doesn't already know the background of the people in the area to draw up quotas. ...read more.


Training for a specific study is also necessary. An example of training for a specific study is given in the box. A good interviewer should be able to establish rapport with others. They also need to be trained, and training should cover the role and nature of marketing research, what surveys are and how they are conducted, and the role and importance of the interviewer. Training for a specific study is also necessary. An example of training for a specific study is given in the box. Before the interviewer to do the street interview, they must fully understand the objective. Practice Good Nonverbal Communication It's about demonstrating confidence: standing straight, making eye contact. That first nonverbal impression can be a great beginning to your street interview. Use Appropriate Language It's a given that you should use professional language during the interview. ...read more.

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