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Market Research for Subway sandwich shop

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Subway MARKET Research Task 3 Primary Research Primary Market Research - Involves collecting information to meet your specific needs (Field Research). Primary Research can be: Qualitative: Gathering descriptive information, usually representing verbal or narrative data through open-ended interviews or focus groups. Open-ended interviews are involved around leading questions. An interview likes this gives you lots of information, but it?s time consuming for both you and interviewee. Benefits are that you will learn a lot about the groups your studying and common trends, emotional motivators, and general likes and dislikes of your primary market. Focus groups is a group discussion lead by a professional who ask questions about e.g. a product to gain their view and likes/dislikes. Quantitative: Gathering numerical information that can be analysed statistically through surveys. Surveys take longer to develop, but are easier to administer than other types of market research. Also since they take less time to complete, people are usually more willing to complete them. Subway Primary Research Pie Chart sourced from - http://www.slideshare.net/Akihosugitatsu/subway-marketing-plan Primary Research Primary Research (also known as field research) is the act of collecting original primary data. Primary Research can be accomplished through various methods, including questionnaires which consist of asking questions to gain insight and information. ...read more.


the day you most likely spend money on food? This helps Subway find out what time of day people are most likely to eat therefore reaching out to them at those certain time of days to gain more customers. Also they find out what their main customers are by taking in the data if they are students or non-student. I?m guessing they asked the public that to see if there are any correlations. This kind of market research method is appropriate for this marketing situation because it?s easy to understand and straight to the point and it gives you multiple answers. Qualitative & Quantitative Research Market Research can be either qualitative or quantitative or both. It is important to understand the difference between qualitative research and quantitative research since they are so different. Qualitative Research is a that is used when data can be observed and quantitative when data can be measured. Quantitative Research is a research method which is used to collect data, modelling and analyzing customers, markets and competition in the market. When the data is gathered, the results are evaluated. Qualitative methods do not include statistics or measurements at all. Subway market research is quantitative as many of market research are. ...read more.


Data quality can be compromised via a number of potential routes, e.g., leading questions, unrepresentative samples, biased interviewers etc. Efforts to ensure that data is accurate, samples are representative and interviewers are objective will all add to the costs of the research but such costs are necessary if poor decisions and expensive mistakes are to be avoided. Legal & ethical constraints ? the Data Protection Act (1998) is a law that has a number of implications for market researchers collecting and holding personal data. For instance, researchers must ensure that the data they obtain is kept secure, is only used for lawful purposes and is only kept for as long as it is necessary. Cost Effectiveness and Validity of Market Research A questionnaire is cost effective and it?s a good way to do market research because you get a range of answers from people from different ages and different backgrounds. A negative of using a questioner as a marketing tool is that people might lie about their answers so you don?t get a just and real opinion of what people think about your products and from this you cant make a valid decision and your finding wont be valid, but you wont know if they gave false opinions therefore its always best to run a questionnaire twice to increase the validity of your market research. ...read more.

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