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Marketing - Blackberry

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Marketing Marketing is totally focused on the customers needs and could be easily describe as providing: * The right product * At the right price * At the right place * With the right promotion * At the right time * price As you can see these are all directed at the customer needs and wants. In this unit I will design a marketing scheme for the sale of a new Blackberry Mobile Phone System, I will write about the public relations, sponsorship, advertising, sale promotions, personal, price, selling and direct marketing. THIS IS THE DIAGRAM FOR THE MARKETING PLAN Blackberry Mobile Phone Mobile phones have become fashion statements for the users... *The first thing is to inform the consumer about the product: �what is the brand of phone? ...read more.


PR that you undertake yourself can be a primary way to grow your business and become known without major expense. Public relations afford the credibility of indirect third-party endorsements. This means you are not paying to get advertising placed, but a publication is freely giving space to a story about your company. An endorsement such as this is a powerful tool in shaping public opinion. Sponsorship An organization needs to sponsor a cause or event to gain as much media exposure as possible for itself or its product and give the organization a better social image Advertising TV- These are the advertisement that appears on the television. The companies promote them product on TV because they want to attract the customers and for earn profit. Radio Commercials- This is another type of advertisement which companies choose to promote their products. ...read more.


Prospecting - trying to find new customers (2) Communicating - with existing and potential customers about the product range (3) Selling - contact with the customer, answering questions and trying to close the sale (4) Servicing - providing support and service to the customer in the period up to delivery and also post-sale (5) Information gathering - obtaining information about the market to feedback into the marketing planning process (6) Allocating - in times of product shortage, the sales force may have the power to decide how available stocks are allocated Where to sale - The main places will be phone card shops(like o2 t mobile orange etc.) - You can sale your phone on the website -You can also sale in the place which sales electronic product Price When pricing take in to accountant the level of competition Price it according to a manner in which different back ground people will be able to purchase the product. ...read more.

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