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Marketing definitions and its role

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Unit 3 - Introduction to Marketing. Assignment 1 - Task 1 (P1) - Marketing definitions and its role. The information below contains two definition of Marketing and also the marketing concepts and basic principles of marketing. Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably. Chartered Institute of Marketing The process of organizing and directing all the company activities which relate to determining the market demand and converting the customers buying power into an effective demand for a service and bringing that service to the customer. http://www.shipping.francoudi.com/main/main.asp?cm=14&letter=M Marketing concept: The Marketing Concept is based on the idea that organisations can best meet their objectives by concentrating on customers needs and satisfying those needs better than competitors. ...read more.


Marketing objectives (SMART) Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timetabled. For e.g. "to achieve a 10% of market share in the French market within 24 months". This objective is specific in that it details exactly what has to be done. It measurable because a market share requirement is included. The objective would be achievable if everyone in the organisation accepted the aim. It would be realistic if it was calculated that it was possible to attain. It is timetabled, as the length of time given to achieve the objective is stated. Marketing Mix provides an excellent framework for developing marketing plans. The marketing mix for physical goods is generally accepted to make up of four parts (the 4Ps) ...read more.


E-Marketing is the collection of marketing research information can be easily undertaken through internet surveys and the use of search engines like Google to identify sources of relevant information. Process - the systems employed by an organisation must be customer-friendly. These systems include all the processes which might involve the customer from handling the delivery of a product, ordering an out-of-stock item, accepting the return of a faulty product, undertaking a repair and dealing with a compliant. Physical evidence describes those factors that can help to shape the customer's perception and image of the service being provided. For example, you have probably noticed that many hotels provide writing paper, pens, entertainment and information in their rooms. ?? ?? ?? ?? Name: Hakar Aziz ID: 20059830 Teacher: Norman Subject: BND Business ...read more.

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