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Marketing ideas for Oi! Bagel

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Oi! Bagel has many different objectives as a business. There are more than just the two that need to be covered by the promotional plan. Some of the other objectives that they want to achieve are as follows; expand the business, increase profit, increase their market share, and establish brand recognition. The promotional campaign is a way of achieving the objectives that the business has. When evaluating a businesses promotional mix you have to consider the costs and benefits, short term vs. long term and how likely it is that the objectives will be achieved. The costs of completing the promotional activities was �250,000, this was the budget that was set by Oi! Bagel in the brief. From the promotional activities undertaken there were several benefits to the business. First of all there would be an increase in awareness of the products. People would see all the adverts about, and any other promotional activity chosen, this is a good benefit towards the business as it means that there customer base will increase. If the business increases the amount of customers that they have it will therefore cause an increase in the sales of the business. From the increase of the amount of sales it will altogether increase the profits that Oi! Bagel will be making. But you can't always guarantee that this is going to happen. There are different short term and long term affects of the business undertaking the �250,000 promotional plan these can affect the business in both a positive and negative way. ...read more.


People might also feel that they want to respond to the campaign if they have a voucher in which they can use, but after their first purchase they go back to their original loyalty. I thought that placing the sampling stand in a busy part of London (for example Liverpool Street Station) would be the best place for the stand to be situated. For the reason that it's busy and a lot of people will be passing by. But in fact being the busiest part of London many people are rushing about trying to get around London, this means that they don't have the time to stop and try the samples. Alternative Methods I feel that there wasn't anything majorly good about my promotional campaign, some of the ideas would have worked but with the budget I couldn't produce masses of promotional activities. If there were to be no constraints restricting what I could do in the promotional campaign then I may have done things a little bit different. Development of Franchises: I could have invested the money in development of franchises. This would increase the awareness of the shop for example with subway they are a well known food chain but they lack advertisement, they may have a few signs and leaflets but they rarely have big advertisement, and never advertise on TV. Due to the high amount of shops that they have in most towns they don't need the advertisement for people to know about them, as people see them all the time. ...read more.


Bagel to succeed is to develop a franchise programme. The first promotional campaign I planned had many faults, and I believe it wouldn't be the best way for the business to move forward. Adverting can be very strong, but having many shops located all over the country will create a wider awareness than advertising can do. People can also go in and try the food whereas advertising wouldn't do that. The smell as you walk past the store will also entice more customers to come in and buy the products. With the many stores people will also not have to travel very far to find one making it more convenient than it was before. When people try their products if people like them then hopefully they'll make recommendations to people, word of mouth is a very strong way of awareness, as people usually trust the people that give the recommendation. If the business is then successful doing these things I would recommend that they then begin the advertise more, as they'll have more money to spend on it making the advertising bigger and better. Creating a wider product range bringing out new types of bagels and fillings will also help to make the business more successful as they'll be targeting a larger customer base. I believe that my recommendation will but this company in a competitive advantage over a lot of other companies helping them to achieve their aims and many different objectives although it may take a couple of years to reach this goal. ?? ?? ?? ?? BTEC Business Claire Widdicombe Unit 9 (Exploring Promotional Activity) D1 ...read more.

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