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Marketing Mix

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Functional areas of a business A business' operations tend to be distributed across specific departments, this helps to increase the business' efficiency and productivity. The main departments within a business will be: * Marketing * Finance * Human resources * Production Within these areas, specific tasks are carried out that relate to the business' needs. Marketing department What happens in a marketing department, depends a lot on whether the business is a 'product orientated business' or a 'market orientated business'. If a business is operating as a market orientated business, the marketing department will undergo research and attempt to find out what the consumer wants, it will then relay this information onto the production department who will assess whether or not they are going to make this product. If a business is product orientated, the process is reversed, the production department will produce their product, and then relay the information on the product to the marketing department, who will market this product, and attempt to sell it to the consumer. A marketing department will also look at current products that the business have in production, they will look at the products performance, and find out where about the product is on its life cycle. ...read more.


A finance department will be the ones that take the blame if a business falls into debt, and even though it could be to the marketing department wasting money on useless marketing, the finance department will take the blame for allowing them the money to market. Also annual budgets will be set to each department, allocating resources for required resources, private contracted businesses etc. Human Resources The role of a human resources department is simple, they deal with the humans that affect a business, or have an interest in its performance. They are responsible for the recruitment, retention and motivation of staff. They are also responsible for promotions within the business; this can be pay-rises and the taking on of new roles (promotion to head of department etc.). Although it may seem logical for a finance department to take responsibilities for wages for the staff, this operation is often undertaken by staff in the human resources department, as businesses and employees often like to keep this information confidential. A human resources department works with the marketing department, in that all the marketing department staff will have been recruited through the recruitment process by the human resources department, they also receive wages and this information is processed by the human resources department. ...read more.


Aspects of quality control will also be undertaken in the production department, this is the process that concerns eradicating products that fall below a certain standard. To prove to consumers that products pass quality testing, the international quality standard ISO 9000 certificate lets consumers know that the quality procedure of a business is adequate of enabling them to constantly deliver quality products to the market. Other methods of quality control are benchmarking and TQM (Total quality management). Typically in a market orientated business, the marketing department will find out what is wanted by consumers, and pass this information onto the production department, who will then assess the option of putting said products into production. In a product orientated business, the production department will go to the marketing department with their finished product, and the marketing department will then attempt to sell this product to consumers. These two departments also work closely on lengthening the lifecycle of a product. The marketing department can identify weak points in the product, and assess how it may no longer be meeting consumer needs, then the production department, with this information, can attempt to implement product modifications in order in satisfy consumer needs. ...read more.

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