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Marketing & operations management.

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TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.0 Who is WELB 2.0 Introduction 3.0 Analysis - The Macro-Environment (PEST) 4.0 Analysis - The Micro Environment - (SWOT) 5.0 Secondary Data 6.0 Bibliography 1.0 Who is WELB MISSION STATEMENT "The Mission of the Board is to provide, develop and support education, library and youth services in the Western Area to the highest standards in order to enable the community to fulfil its potential thereby enriching the quality of life and contributing to social and economic development". The Board was established in 1973 under the Education and Libraries (NI) Order 1972. It is one of 5 Education and Library Boards in Northern Ireland. The constitution of the Board is laid down in the Education and Libraries (NI) Order 1986. The Western Education and Library Board is the local education authority and library authority for its area The Board's Administrative Headquarters is located in the county town of Omagh, with district offices in Derry and Enniskillen. In such a large area with a widely dispersed rural population, we have an efficient transport service with a fleet of school buses which is among the largest of those belonging to local Education authorities in the UK. Within the public education system, the Board has statutory responsibility for primary and secondary education within its area. ...read more.


The acronym stands for the Political, Economic, Social and Technological issues that could affect the strategic development of a business as sited by: 1/Kotler (2001). Political The Public Administration Review. Reviewing the structure of public administration and making recommendations for future delivery of public services. E.g. if the recommendation was for 1 ELB the viability for the WELB transport project would have to be reviewed. Changes to School Transport Policy - e.g. if DE changed the statutory walking distance from 3 miles to 1 mile then there would be a higher percentage of buses and drivers needed. This would require a higher volume system to handle the increased amount of data. Report by the Post Primary Review Body (The Burns Report). If Collegiates are established with some post-primary's specializing in certain curriculum areas and dropping others, this could result in pupils who are currently within walking distance to their nearest school will now have to be transported to the nearest school within their collegiate that provides their educational requirements. This would also require a higher volume system to handle the increased amount of data. Economical Rising fuel costs e.g. taxation of fuel, rising labour costs for drivers, rising vehicle/parts costs. If DE needs to spend more money on the service then this could take priority over the funding for the implementation of the system. ...read more.


Conclusion The SWOT analysis has given the Project a clearer outcome for the development of implementing the system and the areas of weaknesses for the Project to improve on and the threats such as the failure of the DE bid for the funding. There are more strengths in the internal environment than weaknesses. There would be an opportunity for an improved transport service if the DE doesn't threaten the bid for funding in the external environment. 5 Secondary Data I have done some research for the system that the project requires and found Wiltshire Fire Brigade selected B. (www.racsoftware.co.uk) RAC Software Solutions (Tranman Solutions) to supply them with their Fleet Management software. Wiltshire Fire Brigade purchased the system to manage the Brigade's fleet of 130 vehicles and 450 plant items. The system gave critical date reminders against all records to ensure a safe and legal fleet. Accident details and costs, fuel usage and driver information are all recorded so that together with maintenance details essential management reports can be produced quickly and easily. The Fleet Management System is being used by the Department of the Environment, PSNI and the Southern Education & Library Board. I have viewed the System in the Southern Education & Library Board who also selected Tranman Solutions as the supplier. They currently The LEA's in England and Wales have the Pupil system and currently make extensive use of the GIS based pupil transport systems. 6. ...read more.

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