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Marketing Plan for Sprint Communications

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Marketing Plan for Sprint Communications Background Sprint Communications opened in Harwich around 4 years ago. It was opened by Roger Scothern. Sprint is the name given by the wholesaler used to purchase handsets and other equipment. The name "Sprint Communications" is also shared by other similar businesses. The company is run separately to the wholesaler and has it's own Profit and Loss accounts. The business makes on average 20 - 30 network connections per week. The objective of the business was to supply mobile communications to a growing population within the area. The area currently has a population of approx. 20, 000. The business has only one member of staff which is the owner / manager - Roger. The company's growth was initially very quick as the market was skimmed for customers that did not wish to travel outside of the town centre. However, the growth has slowed considerably in recent years due to the strategies of both the networks and larger chains diversifying (such as Woolworths). Local competitors include Woolworths, and an Argos store which is to open up shortly. Woolworths is located two doors up from the Sprint Communications store and Argos will be based from the new development near Safeway (which is on the outskirts of the town centre). Both Woolworths and Argos are able to sell handsets at cheaper prices due to the economies of scale afforded to them by their sheer size. ...read more.


European propositions * UK P&S leverage legacy voice services and VAS services - lifecycle management in country * Position - differentiate on data and lead with fixed-mobile integration due to BT legacy * Products O2 is pan European centralised product development team for mmO2 footprint * Increasingly competing on price as data portfolio development focused on access devices rather than just solutions * Position - low cost strategy, but will be off-set by increased usage * Centralisation of product development with thin business portfolio, but increasingly leveraging German-struck relationships e.g RIM, Microsoft to plug gaps * Increasingly looking to increase data adoption * Delayed UK adoption because of poor business market position * Gaps still exist in portfolio * Position - differentiated through content, voice quality and video applications * Not pushing voice call quality at the moment - expected with increased 3 footprint - 80% population coverage year end * Local in-country development * Small business assault through dealers, the Link and Dixons and Call Centre activity - 5-15 employees Objectives After looking at the business positioning as it stands, alongside it's current strengths and weaknesses, the conclusion was reached that the objectives should be split into two main areas. These are to exploit the current customer base to enable further revenue generation and customer loyalty, and also to expand the company into the business to business market place. ...read more.


Action plan 1. Develop conversation with senior Police official to enable a joint initiative for the reduction of using mobiles whilst driving. 2. Discuss the same with local paper. 3. Segment the existing base into low / mid / high spend customer base (through type of handset originally bought). Approach the base with a view to upgrading handsets. 4. Place advert in local job centre for sales person with experience of cold calling. 5. To build website in keeping with branding strategy (i.e. to enable a professional, trusting image to both consumers and local businesses). Evaluation and control The evaluation of the impact this plan has had on the organisation is of paramount importance to the success of future plans. For this reason there are a number of key performance indicators and measurement tools that will be used. > An analysis of sales ratios will be made - these will include calls made to sale ratios of the sales person. > At point of sale customers will be asked to send in a pre printed survey. The survey will include information regarding how they heard of the company and perception of service quality. > The number of "hits" on the website can be monitored and analysed. This can then be compared to the results of the survey and how many sales were attributed to the site. > Analysis of sales figures to check on increases in revenues and where they have come from. Analysis also helps to justify any further expenditure needed. ...read more.

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