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Marketing plan for Zico water. The product is a type of coconut water which has been successful in America.

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´╗┐Introduction As the new communications officer for Zico, the company is going to introduce a new product into the market. The product is a type of coconut water which has been successful in America. Coconut water is going to be a new product to the people of the UK. As the Olympics approach I am going to choose football as a sport to which we will promote our drinks around. Also the venue which the company will be using here is the City of Coventry Stadium. As already know football is a globally loved game and we hope for our drink to be like football. The stadium is going to host a number of football games both women and men. The target audience here will include both children and adults. As we are all aware there are impacts on advertising which are caused by environmental issues. This could be negative or positive. Environmental issues such as social, political, economical and technological can all affect advertising. For instance advertising gives consumers information about a product and thereby making it popular among consumers. Also advertising raises the cost of production this means this can have a negative impact on the product. Another social issue associated with advertising is deception. If any ad contains omissions or any practice that can mislead a significant number of reasonable consumers it is considered deceptive. ...read more.


Consider the recent BBC promotional campaign for its new pre-school programme ? the Fimbles. Aimed at two to four-year-olds, 130 episodes of Fimbles have been made and are featured everyday on digital children's channel CBeebies and BBC2. In addition there are different types of appeals which we will develop to ensure a successful launch of zico coconut water. This will make our product more acceptable by our target audience. Advertising techniques which will be used to promote Zico coconut water includes straight sale, demonstration, comparison, slice of life, animation, imagery, combinations etc. The essence of a media plan is to conceive, analyse, and creatively select channels of communication that will direct advertising messages to the right people in the right place at the right time. The first step in media planning is the selection which is concerned with the choice of media vehicles to carry the message. In this case the choice of media vehicles includes TVs, radio, cinema, press (papers and magazines), online (websites and social media). The accurate use of these vehicles will result in achieving overall marketing objective and also transmit messages accurately. But there are factors that can affect advertising and these include scope, sales potential, budget consideration, media availability, buyer purchase pattern etc. J U N J L Y A U G Total Expend. ...read more.


Advertising campaigns can be evaluated either through ?pre-testing? or campaign evaluation (post-testing). Pre-testing is also known as copy testing, and is a specialized field of marketing research that determines an ad?s effectiveness based on consumer responses, feedback, and behaviour. The most common methods used to pre-test advertisements are concept testing, focus groups, consumer juries, dummy vehicles, readability, theatre and physiological tests. The practical objective of pre-testing unfinished and finished creative work is that it is more effective for an advertiser to terminate an advertisement before costs become so large and commitment too final. On the other hand post-testing or campaign evaluation provides either periodic or continuous in-market research monitoring a brand?s performance, including brand awareness, brand preference, product usage and attitudes. Some post-testing approaches simply track changes over time, while others use various methods to quantify the specific changes produced by advertising?either the campaign as a whole or by the different media utilized. Overall, advertisers use post-testing to plan future advertising campaigns, so the approaches that provide the most detailed information on the accomplishments of the campaign are most valued. Under post testing the main element to evaluate are awareness, liking, interest, enjoyment and action. Evaluation takes place to assess how well (or not) the objectives have been achieved Already our product is owned by Coca-Cola therefore we already enjoy a product place. Distribution of our products will be successful. ...read more.

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