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Marketing principles

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Marketing principles Marketing is most important part of any business. Its a management process to make profit by identifying, anticipating and satisfying targeted customers. A business requires to gather information about its customers or potential customers. This information is analysed and evaluated to find out what their customers require in order to make any improvement to the service or product. For example SAS airlines identified that customers needed faster checking. Businesses have to identify their customer's needs and have to provide the right product or service available at a right price, at the right place on the right time. One of the marketing aim for a business is to ensure that the targeted customer purchases their product or service rather than from their competitors. They have to find out if there is any need for change or modification of their product or services. ...read more.


Jan Calzon found out that, all other airline was offering wider seats, free drinks and other amenities which were available to any class including business class. So Jan Calzon has to find out other needs which have to be better than his competitors. The major problem was on-time arrival. It is the first priority for any business people to get their destination on time. With on-time arrival, business people want faster check-in and also they want to receive their luggage fast. A business must achieve a competitive advantage in terms of the marketing mix (Product, place, price, promotion) offered to their customer. Being competitive is a vital to any business. All businesses are affected by competition, without competition a business wouldn't survive. For example SAS airline in close competition with other major airlines like BA and Easy jet. ...read more.


It is an essential to any business to monitor effectively how the business is performing or serving the customers. By monitoring, a business can make a future planning for any development to the business. Planning and monitoring gives more clear reasons why business is not successful. From the case study, SAS airline was not monitoring effectively so they were losing their profit and also their potential customers. When Jan Carlzon did his market research by monitoring the performance of their staff and how they were serving the customers. He realised that the staffs needed standard training. Because the staffs are the first people who met the customers. It is the main role for a manager in every department to monitor everything. For example the role of a production manager is to keep costs to a minimum and monitor wastage. ?? ?? ?? ?? Farhad Ahmed Unit 11 22/11/06 1 ...read more.

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