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Marketing principles

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Introduction (principles) A principle is more or less like a guideline for a business look at in order to achieve its goals. Many developing businesses look at how to have a market leadership in their field and most importantly to satisfy the needs of customers. Businesses that haven't got a principle would find it very hard to progress because you would need guideline (principle) to know what the businesses aims and objectives are for the business to work on. For e.g. a well known and a developed business such as Kodak would look at these principles (aims and objectives) because it would help them focus (know what to do) on what they have to do, to give their customers the right service and as a result if they follow those principles they would be a very successful business. How Kodak followed the core principles of marketing Kodak main rival and competitor as well Fuji recently entered the market and it offered a better service and high quality films at lower prices to generate more customers buying Fuji films and to have an increase in the market share. The reason is because they want to take all Kodak's customers. So as a result Kodak fought back fiercely to protect its share of the U.S film market. ...read more.


As a result the buyer and the seller have interacted with other in order to buy or sell the goods. Also the goods being sold are the main aspect which businesses make their revenue. Trade Description Act 1968- this act is about adverts which are misleading customers. The main things which consumers can be misleaded by are: adverts, packaging and promotional materials such as 'sale signs'. This act states that products should fit any claim made for a product in an advert. Many businesses should take this act into account because it states that their adverts shouldn't mean any different from their product. Consumer Protection Act 1987- this act clearly states that businesses should make their products in order for their customers not to put themselves at risk. For e.g. if a customer at Mc Donald's are injured because of the floor being slippery without any sign being put up, the customer can then take legal action and claim for compensation. Data Protection Act 1998- this act states that information which are confidential and personal should be stored in a database were only customers can only access their file by passwords and a form of identification. For e.g. a customer who's with Halifax account details are stored in a database so no-one can access their file. ...read more.


wearing make-up and glamorous clothes The ASA do not prevent marketers from using photographs or images of children but they should take responsibility of children when advertising. These are other examples on how these advertisements broke the rules: Many people looking at this ad wouldn't agree and might find it offensive in a way that it could send out a racist approach. Also looking at this ad, it doesn't have anything to do with Benetton it has three hearts. It could mean that whatever the colour everyone is the same. This act is about watches but it mocks people who have eaten disorders. The ad doesn't have a watch as the main ad but it has a skinny woman which will offend. This could equally have a positive approach to people watching this ad because it could influence people into loosing weight. This ad would offend many milk drinkers in many ways because it states that people that drink milk would suffer from acne, obesity, flatulence and excess phlegm in children. This would give many people second thoughts whether to carry on drinking milk. All this comes under the Trade Description Act 1968, which states that the products should fit any claim made for a product in an advert. Many businesses should take this act into account because it states that their adverts shouldn't mean any different from their product. ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit 11 Nana Yeboah Bernice ...read more.

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