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Marketing Principles. Comparing marketing at Longleat and Yeovil College.

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On Your Marks, Get Set, Go! Task 1 - Marketing Area Marketing Principles: There are 4 goals of marketing principles which are: * Understanding consumer needs - this is important to any company to constantly research the consumer needs by constantly looking for new products and market opportunities. * Keeping ahead of the competition - an increase in competition can have a huge impact on any company. * Communicating effectively with consumers - this is where promotional support is really important to help sale a company's product if they are going to succeed. * Utilising new technology - companies have now started to use the internet as its main way of selling their products, by allowing customers to purchase their goods online. Marketing Concept: The concept of marketing is where the company focuses solely on their customers and places their customers at the centre of all their business decisions and planning. This concept makes the company a marketing orientated business. There are some company's that have different orientations and focuses on production, product or sales. The differences between these orientations are: * Production Concept is where the company focuses on their production and distribution, which means that the idea is the customers will choose a low price product that are readily available. ...read more.


* Place: There is only one place where Longleat is situated and that is between Warminster, Wiltshire and Frome in Somerset. * Price: they have a range of tickets that customers can buy. You can buy individual tickets for all the attraction or you can buy a Passport ticket for (�23 for adult, �15 for child and �17 for senior citizens), which covers everything in the park. Then they have another two types of passport tickets which allow discounts off the full price and these are the group passport tickets and the disabled passport tickets. * Promotion: they use leaflets to promote their attractions. They also have their own TV series (Animal Park) which is very useful to advertise all the attractions they have especially the Safari Park. They also use the internet to promote the Park by giving useful information bout the animals they have. Also, they have a kid's zone where children can go online and play and learn at the same time. Also, they have special offers that they advertise on their websites for example, they offer a 15% discount if buy the tickets online. * People: there are many different people who work in the park. ...read more.


football, rugby and netball) that are available. Throughout the course the students will be guided by the lecturers onto completing the course. Marketing Objectives: The main objectives of the college are: * To have high quality education programmes which entail multi-skilled, flexible and well motivated staff. * To provide relevant, flexible and accessible range of courses with high quality teaching and learning that meets the Governments priorities. * By having an inspirational learning environment which involves modern technologies. Marketing Activities: The college plans to increase the awareness of Yeovil College by using bus back sponsorship. They encourage enquiries by placing adverts in the yellow pages and using the college website. They also increase the use of PR and hire local photographers to try and capture newsworthy images. E - Marketing: The college uses their website effectively by having all the information that people need to know about the college on there. They list all the different types of course they do and they also have online prospectuses where you can use your mouse to turn the pages. Limitations and Constraints: When placing advertisements for the college they have to be aware of the Legislations. For example, if they are advertising a good pass rate to try and encourage student to choose their college then they need to be able to back up this claim through facts. ...read more.

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