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Marketing principles

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Unit 11 Task 1- this task gives me the opportunity to achieve Pass criteria 1, Unit 11. I have to identify and describe principles applied to the marketing of products or services. If you have been stopped in the shopping mall 'just to answer a few questions' or heard TV advertisement which says 'nine out of ten customers preferred' , you have seen some aspects of marketing. Marketing is one of the business functional areas that must be carried out in order for business to survive. It is business department which is responsible for finding out what are customers' needs and wants. They find out what customers expect from the company, and pass the information to the production department which makes the products that customers are prepared to buy. Marketing department advertises the product so customers are aware of the product. Marketing is also the process of developing and implementing a plan to identify, anticipate and satisfy consumer demand, in such a way as to make a profit. The two main elements of this plan are market research to identify and anticipate customer requirements and the planning of an appropriate marketing mix to meet these requirements. Market research involves gathering and recording information about consumers, market, product, and the competition in an organised way. The information is then analysed and used to inform marketing decisions. Marketing principles Understanding customers needs. People say 'so many people, so many tastes'. Marketing's job is to find out what the tastes are, so the company makes products that customers are looking for. Some people want good quality, they can pay high price for a quality products. For example, if a customer is really interested in a quality product, he/she would be prepared to pay a lot of money to get a good quality product. There are some companies that charge customers a really high price for a product, but they can guaranty of a quality of that product. ...read more.


Many companies advertise online. For example, if you go to any web site you can see in the corner or at the top of the web site advert. If you click on the advert you would be able to go straight on the web site which was advertised online. Sometimes adverts online can be very aggressive, called aggressive marketing. If you click a link to any web site you might be greeted by a full-screen advertisement for any other web sites. Sometimes customers get adverts from the similar web sites they often use. There is a program called spam. Most search engines define spam as something website owners do in order to subvert the normal ranking guidelines. They can see on what web site pages customers often go to and they send aggressive adverts to the customers similar to the web sites customer visits. For example if you often go to poker web sites, you might get adverts encouraging you to visit some game web site, it might be other poker web site, similar to poker web site and etc. also there are other two kind of online marketing. One is called push marketing and the other is called pull marketing. Push marketing when companies advertise using flash banners, aggressive banners and other kind of adverts in order to attract more customers. Pull marketing is when customers go to the search engines to find the web site they are looking for. www.google.com is one of the pull marketing web sites, customers can type in the word or phrase and they will get many web sites linked to the word or phrase they typed in. for example, if customer types in 'tower hamlets college' they will get the Tower Hamlets College web site and other web sites that got information about Tower Hamlets College. The company also can see what customers are looking for once they get into the web site. ...read more.


Production department mostly deals with marketing. Marketing department does the marketing research to find put what customers need and then they go to production department to tell what they should make to increase sales. For example, marketing department of Cadburys' Company did the marketing research and found out that customer need low calorie food. Marketing goes to production department and tells them that they need to do low calorie food. Customer service department deals with customers complains, after sales service and etc. if customers are not happy about received customer service, customer service report that to marketing department, so marketing could find out what exactly customers are not happy about and solve the problem out. Plan, co-ordinate and monitor the marketing mix It is important to co-ordinate marketing mix, so company knows if there is a problem that dissatisfies customers and in what area the problem is. For example, if a customer likes the product but when he/she looks at the price they decide they not going to buy it, so then the problem is on the price. Marketing should reduce the price, so they sell more products. If customers often ask for a refund, that means there is something wrong with a product. It might be not poor quality, so those marketing should deal with production department to solve the problem and satisfy customers. If customer likes the product it's not over their budget, but they cannot buy it because it's not in stock, that means the problem is in place, because customers cannot get the product when they want it. If customers like the product, they are happy about the price of the product and it's available at the shops, but the company still doesn't make sales, the problem might be that customers are do not know about the product, so this means the problem is on promotion. If marketing effectively co-ordinates marketing mix, the company will increase profit, because co-ordinating marketing mix help marketing to define the problem quicker, so the company doesn't loose many customers, because the problem is solved out quickly. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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