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Marketing report - Swatch watches in China

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SWATCH Introduction: * History: The Swatch Group Ltd. is the number one manufacturer of finished watches in the world.The Group is active in the manufacture of finished watches, jewelry, and watch movements and components. The Swatch Group takes its name from the extraordinarily successful story of Swatch, one of the world's most widely recognized consumer brand names. Less than 30 years ago, the Swiss watchmaking industry was battling a serious crisis. The first Swatch watches were released in 1983. The years since then have seen the recovery of the Swiss watchmaking industry as a whole, and the establishment of The Swatch Group as a strong, diversified industrial holding. This solid foundation has allowed the Group to broaden its reach and extend its range of brands. (Swatch Group History, today, 2011) * Products: So far, there are 14 brands under the Swatch Group have entered the Chinese market. The headquarter is in Shanghai, also established the branch offices in Guangzhou, Shenyang and Beijing. Swatch designes the products which are occasion some Chinese festivals constantly so that Swatch can design the watches more and more suitable for the Chinese people. ...read more.


* Segmentation by demographic: Demographic refers to the external measurable characteristics of people such as gender, age, income(occupation), occasion, education and status, etc. Swatch products can be divided into 4 style watches roughly which target different kind of customers, that are kids, casual, chrono automatic and sports. ] * Segmentation by gender: Visually speaking, gender is easy to be distinguished, physical differences between the genders are an obvious tools for classifying individuals and for developing gender-based products and services.(segmentation and targeting, 2011). watches for female are more pretty and softer, but watches for male are more handsome and more sporty. Segmentation by gender is the most intuitive method that marketers can satisfy the customers. * Segmentation by age: About the different styles of the products, segmentation by age is another method to reach the customers. This variable can be used to cut the market into the age cohorts. Kids style is for the children at the age of 6-14 years old. This series of products are focus on cute elements, Swatch always cooperate with some international well-known cartoon brand in order to make the products more attractive. ...read more.


* Promotional: Swatch gives each watch a unique name, it make watch become a kind of symbol, a kind of identity, a dream, young people love these so they buy Swatch. In order to highlight Swatch can be used as an artwork, Swatch makes lots of effective advertisements. Swatch also refers the fashion promotion mode, customers will learn how the models wear. * Special promotion in China: In China watch market, Swatch will celebrate Chinese New Year with Chinese people in a special way. Every Chinese New Year, Swatch will launch a new product, the theme is celebration of Chinese New Year, no matter its shape or meaning are representing the Chinese twelve earthly branches. it makes Chinese people feel that Swatch is attach importance to them, they are willing to buy. These kind of promotion is also reflect in the 2008 Olympics. Olympics is international sports race, Swatch will be more and more people known by sponsoring the Olympics. These are the ordinary promotion mode so that promote the Swatch to the world. * Without understanding who is being targeted, what their needs and wants are, what their lifestyles and ages are, it is very difficult to develop a sound offer of value and to communicate and deliver that value.(pearson, com. 2009). http://www.slgz.cn/html/gongshangguanli/guanlililun/20110221/18323.html http://wenwen.soso.com/z/q178379305.htm http://www.crunchgear.com/2010/06/28/the-top-10-swatch-watches/ http://www.europastar.com/1000751944/ http://www.swatchgroup.com/en/group_profile/history/today ...read more.

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