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marketing research

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Task 4-SECONDARY RESEARCH Secondary Research This involves data that has already been collected by other organisations or companies. It is also called desk research. Secondary Research is the most commonly used method of research adopted by businesses. In this instance, for Sony PS3 to carry out this form of research, it must use some forms of findings like press article, reports from other surveys or research carried out and through studies. This form of research is very cheap compared to primary research. Data obtained in this form of research is second hand data, which means that data has already been used by other businesses or organisations to get the best out of it. On the other hand, this form of data is used backup primary research data. This form of data can be useful, because it involve large amount of existing data, which the business can use to do comparison between data obtained and also used to correct or rectify errors on other forms of research. Secondary data can be of great use to different forms of research. In terms of using the internet, it can be used to allocate data and on the other hand also used to save or store data. Secondary data can be obtained in large amounts from organisations, the media, government and data banks. This form of data can also be used in setting organisation cases in wider contexts. ...read more.


For example if the Sony PS3 company is conducting secondary research and has to come across terms that its researchers are not familiar with, they should try all their best to know the correct definitions of the words use, so as to make it easier for other third parties relying on the information. On the other hand, if the researchers has to come across terms that are placed in the wrong place, they will find it difficult to interpret data collected, which is time wasting and at a specific point unreliable. * Measurement Errors: this form of errors id very common, mostly it arises as a result of alike numbers. This form of errors can mostly arise as a result of laziness or absent minded. This form of error can be a serious disaster when making use of data obtained. For example, the Sony PS3 company is conducting desk research on the number of individuals who has the console. If the researchers happen to use data from the media which has numerical errors and has not been spotted, and states that the number of individuals who has the console is 130,000 instead of 1,300,000. This type of error is very disastrous especially in analysing the data. Researchers should be aware of this type of mistakes and find effective solutions to solving the problem. * Source Bias: researchers have to be aware of bias sources of data when conducting desk research. ...read more.


Other parts of the financial reports might include other income from customers, payments to suppliers, the cost of employing staff and other running costs. The Sony PS3 company uses ICT as a technological resource to analyse and present financial reports in various numbers of ways. This is done to satisfy researchers. This information obtained can sometimes be found in company annual reports. * Customer data: this involves variety of financial data which consists of sales and delivery made to customers; it also shows the buying habits of customers. This form of data will come directly in the form of internal sales records. Information on customers is mainly collected through primary research or sales payments through credit or debit cards. * Reports: over time, the Sony PS3 creates a collection based on surveys and other reports that were prepared and used for previous research programmes and projects. This form of data can be very vital for obtaining secondary data internally. This provides records against where to measure new projects and future development. Types of Secondary Data to Be Applied-External Data: * Government published data * Commercial research reports * Trade journals * Other media * Internet * Competitors Competitors and business background * Xbox 360 * Nintendo Wii Competitor's products * Xbox 360 * Nintendo Wii Competitor's prices * Xbox 360 * Nintendo Wii How competitors promote their products * Xbox 360 * Nintendo Wii Where competitors place their products * Xbox 360 * Nintendo Wii Competitor's product description * Xbox 360 * Nintendo Wii ...read more.

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