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Marketing Research

Extracts from this document...


By: Michaela Louise Burnett Tutor: Barry Forrester Marketing BTEC NATIONAL DIPLOMA Submission Date: March 2008 Terms of Reference * Set By: Barry Forrester * Was produced by BTEC National to help us understand the different aspects of setting up your own business and the different aspects of Marketing and how this affects businesses and their overall marketing decisions. So in the future I will have the knowledge to be able to set up my own business if I wish to and understand the external factors out side of the business and the different research methods that are available. * Date Due In: March 2008 Procedures I produced this assignment by researching a selected business and the different methods involved in collecting data. From this I produced a marketing report for my chosen organisation. I did this by researching a number of companies within the same market to get an overall view of the business activity and their performance figures. This report is word processed using Microsoft word. Contents * Section 1: Main types of marketing research, (P1) * Section 2: Plans of market research/most appropriate (P2) * Section 3: Market research conducted, (P3) * Section 4: interpreted findings (P4) * Section 5 : Research analyses of methods, (M1) * Section 6: Explanation for selecting data collection methods (M2) * Section 7; Analyses of own research findings/recommendations (M3) * Section 8: Evaluation of the applicability of selected research methods, (D1) * Section 9: Evaluation of the finding from the research undertaken. (D2) * Section 10: Bibliography * Section 11: Completed questionnaires. Michaela Louise Burnett ******************** Section 1: Task 1. (P1) Describe the main types of marketing research and how they have been used to make a marketing decision in a given situation. Date: 20 February 2008 Report on: How the main types of marketing research have been used to make marketing decisions. Introduction I have recently been appointed as a marketing research assistant at a local agency, Morris Qader Robertshaw Associates (MQR). ...read more.


This is most appropriate for statistical analysis and obtaining specific information from an respodent, such as age, sex etc. It is a cheap source to use and may help obtain the desired information. This is quantitative marketing research Interviews This is the technique most associated with marketing research. Interviews can be telephone, face-to-face, or over the Internet. Telephone Interviews Telephone ownership is very common in developed countries. It is ideal for collecting data from a geographically dispersed sample. The interviews tend to be very structured and tend to lack depth. Telephone interviews are cheaper to conduct than face-to-face interviews (on a per person basis). Advantages of telephone interviews Can be geographically spread Can be set up and conducted relatively cheaply Random samples can be selected Cheaper than face-to-face interviews Disadvantages of telephone interviews Respondents can simply hang up Interviews tend to be a lot shorter Visual aids cannot be used Researchers cannot behaviour or body language Face-to-face Interviews Face-to face interviews are conducted between a market researcher and a respondent. Data is collected on a survey. Some surveys are very rigid or 'structured' and use closed questions. Data is easily compared. Other face-to-face interviews are more 'in depth,' and depend upon more open forms of questioning. The research will probe and develop points of interest. Advantages of face-to-face interviews They allow more 'depth' Physical prompts such as products and pictures can be used Body language can emphasize responses Respondents can be 'observed' at the same time Disadvantages of face-to-face interviews Interviews can be expensive It can take a long period of time to arrange and conduct. Some respondents will give biased responses when face-to-face with a researcher. The Internet The Internet can be used in a number of ways to collect primary data. Visitors to sites can be asked to complete electronic questionnaires. However responses will increase if an incentive is offered such as a free newsletter, or free membership. ...read more.


Whether this happens depends upon the effect it is currently having on the canteens sales to determine if drastic action needs to be taken. However because the data collection carried out was a questionnaire survey, this method can be used again to enhance on the data collected by asking different questions to help support the accuracy and reliability of the information. In the short term the information can be very useful in helping set objectives to meet new targets of strategies the canteen may have to help boost sales; however in the long term this information used as a stand alone will not be enough to increase the sales of the canteen. However the internet and questionnaires are two effective techniques, the canteen should use these again to obtain other relevant data to further their knowledge on people's attitudes and opinions in regards to the topic. However do extensive research like ad-hoc which is continuous research to help compare figures and date at a later period on a much larger sample to obtain more accurate information, as well as focus groups to help identify and produce what its customers want. Overall the most important issue is to use the data already obtained to make a starting point on the development of their product range, other wise it may lose customers because of the poor quality and range available. This could lead to even poorer sales. The research campaign wasn't as successful as I had hoped as its findings were not as in-depth due to the questioning structure, however was very effective in providing statistical data for the canteen to work from, it has helped identify some of the weak areas and can build to improve from their. The canteen can now produce more specific questionnaires to meet there precise needs as this research has informed them of what they need to know. The research used did meet its purpose as to why it was been carried out in section 6, however the results from the questionnaire was not as qualitative as I had hoped. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Marketing & Research section.

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