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Marketing Strategy

Extracts from this document...


DIPLOMA IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BATCH 1A/08 PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING PROJECT ASSIGNMENT ON CONTACT LENSES LECTURER MR DYLAN CHAN GROUP MEMBERS LEE YING CHIAN RACHEL YAP SIN YEE KASTHURI D/O SIVARAMAN SUBASHEENI D/O SUBRAMANIAM TAN LOO PENG ROBIN ABDUL SHUKOOR DATE: 24TH OCTOBER 2008 CONTENT Page No. Executive summary 3 Introduction 4 Company profile 5 Market segmentation 6 Target consumer 7 Product 8 Pricing 13 Promotion 14 Distribution 15 Recommendation 16 Conclusion 17 Acknowledgements 18 Executive summary We are writing this report because we want to show that the product is the world's top number one brand contact that given high quality, safer and reliability in it's product. The product I had research are distributed all over 130 countries world wide and market leader in more than 40 market, the brand was well tested and examination by CIBA VISON International. This will help to reduce the percentage rate of infection in contact lenses. They also have different variety coloured of contact lenses sales in this market. The price of their product is reasonable at the pack of 90 at the price of $37 - $ 44. The product is highly recommended because the materials is made methafilcon A, polymacon, hilafilcon A and hilafilcon B hence it is suitable for user who have different allergic to their eye. ...read more.


It remains even after basic vision conditions like near sightedness have been corrected. Price More The Same Less Bausch & Lomb SofLens Daily Disposable 90PK Ciba Vision Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus 90PK In the value preposition boxes, Ciba Vision Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus 90PK was classified under the "More for Less" category as we found out that from our research, consumers do not gain many benefits from using this brand as compared to the other contact lens in the market. Yet, consumers still have to pay for a higher price which is not necessary. Bausch & Lomb SofLens Daily Disposable 90PK was classified under the "Less for More" category as we found out that from our research, consumers will only have to pay lesser & able to gain more benefits as well. Recommend to consumers in the market who often drives. The Three Levels of Products The core benefit of Bausch and Lomb Soflens daily disposable 90PK is that consumers will be able to handle the product easier, in such a way that: * Convenient lens pack features easy-to-grip tab and tear-away label * Ergonomic blister pack enables smooth lens removal With the ability of core benefit, Bausch & Lomb SofLens Daily Disposable 90PK will eventually change into an actual product. ...read more.


If consumer who had degree not to worry they provide thousand kinds of degree lenses in the system that will provide you the best suit of lenses you want. Conclusion FOCUS are doing well in the market and the company is currently at the growth stage of product life cycle, as they are still improving their product feature and technology in their product to serve better in well being. FOCUS is strong in several points in their product, as the lenses are blue color therefore it can be found easily. If you are looking for contact lenses that will be worn for more than 8 hour you may consider other lenses. Dryness experience maybe encounter from after using for 8 hours. Wearing them in movie theatres is not recommended, as the air conditioned air is dry and causes clouding. If you are a person who wants to consume lenses product that using for more than 8 hour I recommend you to use other product then FOCUS. If you are finding a daily quick disposable kind then FOCUS is worth considering. ________________ Advantage - Comfortable for sportsman. - Prevent marks - Would not spoil your peripheral vision - Easy to find if lost Disadvantage - Cannot wear over prescription time - Need extra care - Expensive - Turn dry in air conditional environment Acknowledgement www.contactlens.com www.dailies.com/difference.html www.dailies.com/products.html www.lens.com/contact-lenses/lens555.asp www.bausch.com/en_US/consumer/visioncare/product/softcontacts/soflens_daily_disposable_lenses.aspx?WT.ac=soflens_dd_lenses ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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