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Marketing Techniques of Mcdonalds and Manchester Library

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Marketing Techniques I'm going to talk about how two different organisations use marketing techniques on market products. I'm also going to define concept of marketing and give my meaning of what definition means. Mc Donald's originally opened as a Bar - B - Que restaurant in 1940. It shut down for a three months in 1948 only to reopen as a self service drive thru with a menu only including nine items. In 1954 they were a offered a chance to franchise and took it. In 1955 they opened another restaurant. From this they have spread globally. The foundation stone was put down for the central library in 1930 by prime-minister Ramsay MacDonald. The central library officially opened in 1934. The library was opened by King George V. Loads of people came to this event and was overjoyed by it. I am going to explain about the main objective of Mc Donald's and the influence over the marketing objectives. Marketing objectives are goals that need to be completed to complete and aim or an objective. The marketing objective is set by the marketing department. ...read more.


This is because they keep the price low so lots of people eat there. The Manchester library has neither concept because they do not sell anything. In Marketing, Third European Edition, Concepts + Strategies by Dibb Simkin and Pride Ferrell it gives its own definition of marketing. The definition is 'Individual and organisational activities that facilitate and expedite satisfying exchange in relationships in a dynamic environment through the creation, distribution, promotion and pricing of goods, services and ideas'. Each business has a growth strategy. There are four growth strategies', they are market penetration, market development, product development and diversification. These strategies were thought up by Igor Ansoff in 1957. Market penetration is when a business try's to promote a business further in the same market. They may try to offer existing customers a deal or reduce the price of the product. Market development is when a business try's to sell an existing product in a new market. For example a market varying different age groups. Like have a kid's size version of the product or a family size. Product development is creating a new product but using the existing market in the company. ...read more.


The Manchester library uses the Manchester council's logo. This is because the Manchester council are in charge of the library. They put the logo on the books and the cards that people use to take books out. Mc Donald's logo is a big yellow M. The M is a really useful branding as everyone remembers it, this helps out the business. If they remember the logo they are sure to remember the business. Another branding technique that Mc Donald use's is the Mc in front of certain product's, for example Mc Flurry. Relationship marketing is when a business is focusing on long term customers. If a customer likes something they will come again or if they have a card to the store where they get points if they shop there again. They could also use email marketing and SMS marketing. The Manchester library has a card to take books out and with that card you can reserve books online. With a card customers get more out of the trip to the library. Also the library sends an email when the book is back at the library. Mc Donald's hands out vouchers which will get more customers to come. If they like the meal they will come back again. This will get a repeat purchase. ...read more.

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