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Marketing Travel and Tourism products and services

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Unit 5 (P1) Marketing Travel and Tourism products and services In this assignment I am going to write about factors that affecting the marketing by giving examples in travel and tourism organisations. Definition of marketing The definition of marketing is that the progression of planning and executing the beginning, pricing, promotion, and giving out of ideas of products, organisations, and events to create and maintain relationships that will satisfy individual and organizational objectives. These are the factors that affecting the travel and tourism industry: * Company ethos * Consumer protection * Standards of practice * Political * Economic * Social * Technological Company Ethos Company Ethos is one of the main factors that could affect the marketing of travel and tourism organisations including British Airways. All market actions in British Airways are being done by good enough for ethical and moral standards. It is important that the organisations should now respect the customer's religion and background and they should not prejudice against them. An example for ethical and moral standards in British Airways is that they stopped their staff from wearing visible religion symbols. Company Ethos can also include environment as well. There are some companies that obtain the main beliefs of green tourism and they promote holidays that does not harm the local people in the destinations. It is important that companies show social responsibilities and ethical in all marketing actions. ...read more.


All members of the organisation need to follow the ABTA's Code of Conduct when running their business and also state what must be done when something goes wrong. One of the ABTA Code of Conduct is that ABTA members must not mislead their advertising and must include all fixed compulsory charges in their prices another code is when customer book with ABTA members they must give customers accurate information to help you choose the travel arrangements that are right for you. ABTA works with lot of company such as The Holiday Place, My travel, Charter Travel and many more all these companies need to follow the ABTA's Code of Conduct. The Advertising Authority Standards is setting guidelines for organisations before they promote their products. Their main aim is to make sure that all the advertisements are meeting the standards laid down in the advertising code. The code of Advertising Authority Standards is including prices of products, misleading, immaturity and Credulity. British Airways is one of the biggest airline company in UK and when they promote their products they need to follow the general rules of The Advertising Authority Standards. One of the rules that BA needs to follow is that their advertisements must not take advantage of immaturity or natural credulity of children. Standards of practice affect these organisations because customers are know that they are protected and if anything goes wrong they can get their money back when they buy the products of these organisations. ...read more.


Some of the airlines offer e-tickets which is when you book online without visiting an agent for example: you can only book your flights online for Ryanair. It is also possible to check in and passport checking online as well so it becoming more easy to travel by air easier and quicker. Technological factors bring competition within the companies as well. Many airlines such as British Airlines and Virgin Atlantic try to offer the best service in order to satisfy their customers. They use the best technological products and have the best for their passengers. British Airways now have internet access do their passengers can use internet which allow passengers to do their stuff online. Technology is not just use to improve their products and services all travel and tourism industry are using technology to promote their products. For example Virgin Atlantic promotes their products in their websites. All these PEST factors will have a very big affect on the travel and tourism organisations because by following these factors they will meet their customer's needs which will bring the companies repeat business, good company image, better service etc. As the technology develops organisation having more products which will affect their marketing, economy is one of the biggest factors that affects the organisations this affect the marketing by providing the right price that suites different people. Social factors are affecting the travel and tourism organisations by making them to find different products that suites different socialised people. Sources: http://www.nmm.ac.uk/server/show/conWebDoc.1841 http://www.britishairways.com/cms/masterEN/content/company_information/community_and_environmental/social_and_environment_policy.pdf http://www.asa.org.uk/asa/codes/radio_code/Radio+Code+General+Rules+Children+and+Younger+Listeners.htm Travel and tourism book one published by Ray Youel ?? ?? ?? ?? Esra kelangin ...read more.

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