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Marks and Spencer's use different techniques to monitor it's customer service. For example:If a customer calls to discuss a new opportunity and Marks and Spencer's can not quite place the name

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E4: Monitoring and Improving Customer Service at Marks and Spencer's How a good customer management system can help Marks and Spencer grow Marks and Spencer's use different techniques to monitor it's customer service. For example: If a customer calls to discuss a new opportunity and Marks and Spencer's can not quite place the name or recall the last contact, they shouldn't' search desperately through the office or on the computer for traces of information, they have got a good customer management system they can simply bring up a single screen on the computer and click on the customers name. Instantly, an overview of Marks and Spencer's entire history of contacts and correspondence pops up on the desktop showing customer information ...read more.


This can pull together data from multiple software sources, including e-mail, projects lists, appointments recent Marks and Spencer's transactions, spreadsheets, contact information from Outlook and Outlook Express etc. The information can be organised simply and clearly on a single screen, making it easier to find relevant information at a single glance. For example, if Marks and Spencer's need to review the last letter they sent to one of their customers, they just click and it opens, or look over the same customers invoice with another click. This means that Marks and Spencer's can get details instantly without searching. How Marks and Spencer's customer manager can help them to manage their customer information Use one-click access to key customer data to respond more quickly to customer needs, without making them wait. ...read more.


How Marks and Spencer's can benefit from this customer manager Marks and Spencer's no longer will have to be looking around for accurate customer information that was moved away in a variety of programs. Everything is right at hand. All the data is now organised in way that takes seconds to access. With customer manager, Marks and Spencer's are able to integrate their database of congregants, suppliers, customers etc. and have all of their information working together in one highly effective system. This single thing alone can drastically reduce paperwork, eliminate wasted data entry, and save Marks and Spencer's time and money. Customer manager will allow Marks and Spencer's to effectively track the status of each client from the first inquiry to the completed TAX return. Information will no longer be misplaced. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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