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Mcdonald's restaurant that ill be investigating is located in Stratford shopping centre. It is very good place, because it is in the shopping centre, so when people are shopping they can have lunch at Mcdonald's

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Task 1 (a) Features of ownership Name of the business: Mcdonald's Location: Stratford shopping centre The business I will be talking about is McDonald's. Mcdonald's is fast food restaurant, franchise business. They sell favourite foods include word famous French fries, big Mac, Quarter pounder, chicken Mcnuggent and Egg Mcmuffin. McDonald's fast food restaurant is well known. They have more than 30.000 restaurants in 119 countries, serving 47 million customers everyday. The company began its business in the year 1955 and has been franchising since 1955. Mcdonald's restaurant that ill be investigating is located in Stratford shopping centre. It is very good place, because it is in the shopping centre, so when people are shopping they can have lunch at Mcdonald's. ...read more.


Buying into a franchise takes away the hard work of starting up business. You don't have to think how to open it what to sell and so on. Everything comes when you buy franchise. You get a lot of help starting your business and running it afterwards. The main disadvantage of buying a franchise is that you have to do it their way. You have to pay a initial fee for setting up franchise. Besides that a percentage of your franchise's business revenue will need be paid to the franchisor each year. The franchisor may also charge additional fees for services provided, such as the cost of advertising. Buying into well known franchises is very expensive. If this is your choice, you will have to have extremely deep pockets or the ability to arrange the necessary financing. ...read more.


The McDonald's franchise represents a chance to run your own business without being alone. You will be supported by the world famous McDonald's system, in the areas of operations, training, advertising, marketing, real estate, construction, purchasing and equipment. Everyone knows Mcdonald's. For example Russia has beautiful museums, and they want to attract tourists to theirs country. On Russia website they must to put the list of recreational facilities, hotels and restaurants. And if Russia doesn't have any well known restaurant such Mcdonald's, some dainty eaters won't do there. Mcdonald's franchise cost for a typically new restaurant range from 466.000 to 955.500 USD. The size, area, pre-opening expenses inventory, kitchen, equipment and landscaping all affect a new restaurant cost that to be paid to suppliers. Mcdonald's has charges an initial fee of 45.000 USD at the time of opening of a new restaurant. The remaining cost may be financed from a bank. ?? ?? ?? ?? Agne Griauslyte ...read more.

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