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Mcdonalds Marketing Mix

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The Marketing Mix and Its Constraints McDonalds - the marketing mix is applied to products in McDonalds in many ways: McDonald's are looking at different ways of saving energy and the planet. One way was that they collected waste from eleven of their restaurants where it was later collected and recycled to produce electricity for local buildings. A McDonald's spokesman said the experiment had cut its carbon impact by fifty four percent in Sheffield. Mc Donald's became the first fast tune chain serving coffee from ethical sourced growers. The deal for the fair trade coffee from South and Central American farms has been certified by the rainforest alliance. Product: Menus give customers a choice of what they want to order/eat. Therefore McDonalds develops menus on what customers want to gain maximum profits. The company gains such information after going through the process of market research. However the customer's requirements change over time. To keep customers happy and the company up to date with customer's needs and wants, the company should monitor customer's preferences. ...read more.


The meal is priced at �1.99 as this low price will attract parents and the children will be getting a meal plus a toy for a very reasonable price. Price: The customer's perception of value is important and should show the company what the price of the item should be charged at. Customers will draw a line on how much they will pay for a product and how much the deem it to be worth. If the company price the product at a low price, the customers could grow a mental picture that the quality of the product has been compromised. When deciding on the price of a product to be fully aware of the brand and its integrity. Furthermore price reductions mean that competitors can match the price, which will result in no extra demand meaning the profit margin will be reduced without increasing sales. Mc Donald's prices vary depending on the type of meal or item the customer is requesting. The company look to have low prices and various pound saver meals as this will attract customers looking to save some money. ...read more.


doesn't just sell unhealthy food they also show salads and low fat meals to promote the corporals responsibility is the customers and there welfare. Place: The place might not just be the physical location of such McDonald's products and stores. It can emphasise the management of a range of processes involved in bringing the products to the end consumer. Mc Donald's is located in various places all over the world ranging from shopping malls which will give family's and others to have a meal while out shopping to save them time cooking this is the same reason why some Mc Donald's are located on high streets where numerous pass every day. Mc Donald's aim is to produce quality food at the quick speed, one way they do this is through drive troughs as customers drive to the window order and then drive to the window in front and collect food as quick as possible. The company use the aspects of the four p's effectively together as stores are located on high streets where they promote offers of the menu at a reasonable price. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

4 star(s)

This assignment covers the marketing mix well and makes a number of relevant points about its application to McDonalds. There could be more detail and more examples given.

Marked by teacher David Salter 07/02/2012

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