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McDonalds SWOT analysis

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´╗┐Jed Hatton 20128821 Unit 3: Introduction to Marketing Assignment 1 P4 McDonalds is an organisation of high profile and carries out many marketing activities. 1. For your chosen organisation, carry out a SWOT and a PESTLE analysis. 2. Explain which of these factors has the biggest impact on marketing decisions and in what way. McDonalds SWOT analysis Strengths McDonalds is worth loads. It is the number one in fast-food companies by sales, with more than 31,000 restaurants in almost 120 different countries. Sales of 2007 were 11, 4009 million which is a 5.6% sales growth from the year before. Good innovation and product development. It continually works towards keeping customers in the business. The McDonalds brand offers consumers choice, reasonable value and efficient service. Large amounts of investment have been put into supporting the franchise network, 75% of stores are franchises. They have a loyal staff and strong management team. Weaknesses McDonalds haven?t really made a significant effort to start producing healthier food and have received a lot of criticism because of this. ...read more.


They will also have to research how much of the population is employed, this will tie in to having money but the more people un-employed the less they can boost up the pricing. Social The social research will cover almost everything from what music the country likes to what the dress code is. McDonalds need to focus on researching how much people go out and eat in their specific country, how much food they normally consume in a normal working day and how religions will affect their food is produced. Technological The technological research of a company is important as a lot of activities rely on technology. McDonalds needs to research whether they have appropriate internet and what the maximum speeds are to see if it is fast enough to complete their needs. They also need to check whether the country they are looking to invest in use mobile phones a lot and where the signal is good or bad. Having poor internet and mobile signal will destroy the communication of McDonalds and will result in poor customer service. ...read more.


These decisions could work really well but if they were to fail then it would be a public embarrassment for McDonalds and could loose them a lot of money, this is why it is such a big marketing decision. Environmental Investigating the environment is also a big decision as you need to know what type of questions to ask for primary research as to not offend the public and gain their respect. Questionnaires must be designed carefully and they must include every religion or background into their questioning for a more relevant and shared service in store which will keep everyone happy. Say for example they did a research on jews and found out that most of them do not eat pork. They could then adapt this information and put it into action in stores to have a service that doesn?t handle pork or just take pork out of the burger. This is a big decision because if they offend any religion or if people do not think that they are being treated fairly then there will be a lot of public criticism and the McDonalds brand might take a knock. Reference www.businessteacher.org.uk http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0EIN/is_2008_June_13/ai_n26673945/ http://www.csgstrategies.com/search-mcdonalds-pestle-analysis.asp Unit 3: Introduction to Marketing Assignment 1 P4 ...read more.

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