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Methodology For my project I am going to use primary and secondary sources. I will use primary as I know exactly where the information

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Methodology For my project I am going to use primary and secondary sources. I will use primary as I know exactly where the information is coming from. And I will use secondary as there is simply some information that I cannot obtain myself and I want to be able to compare my results from my primary sources with other valid data. Primary I am aware that as I already think I know what the outcome of my project; I may be biased in the questions I ask in my interview and questionnaire. I may also not record the answers to the questions asked in my interview and questionnaire, if it is not the answer I need to prove my hypothesis. I am aware of this and I am going to make sure that I am not biased at any point throughout this project. For my primary research I will be interviewing two people. One female that I know of having their first child at a young age and another woman that I know of having their first child at an age that is seen as old to have children, in our society. ...read more.


I will also phrase it in simple everyday language so it is easily understood by the respondent. I have decided to use a sample of fifty of all the houses in Portsmouth. I will devise this sample from a map of Portsmouth showing clearly the catchment areas for all state schools in Portsmouth (overleaf). There are seven schools in Portsmouth that require pupils to be living in a certain area, to be able to attend the school. I will distribute seven of my questionnaires to seven different addresses that I have selected at random in each catchment area for each school. As I am using a sample of 50 questionnaires I will have to distribute eight questionnaires to one area, I have decided that the StLukes catchment area is that area, as it is the largest. I could have used a sample of 49 addresses which would make distribution easier and my results fairer. But 50 is an easy number to analyse and it is likely that I will receive a low response rate. I am using the map to help me distribute my questionnaires as the city is already divided into fairly equal parts and one of my aims is to find out whether education affects the ages at when we have children. ...read more.


Secondary I will be using three secondary sources for my research: Books, Newspaper articles and the Internet. I will be using books as they are a good source of information. It is also very easy to find exactly the information that is needed and I will know exactly where the information has originated; as it will be stated. I will need to question whether the information I have collected is relevant to my project and why the information was recorded in the first place. I will also be using newspaper articles from the UK as I will know the exact date and place they were created. This method of secondary research may not be the best as I will not know if the articles are completely true. Journalists tend to exaggerate the story in hand; as sensationalism sells papers. I am going to research using the internet but only on official websites, such as: www.statistics.gov.uk: A website created by the government showing all census data. I am only using official websites as I may not be able to find where the data has originated, it may be a biased source. The data is also likely to contain errors or be forged if I were to use unofficial websites. ...read more.

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