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Methods of communication

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Communication Method General description of method Written or Non-Written? Electronic or non-electronic? Describe the suitable recipients and consideration of points detailed in the assignment task regarding that recipient (audience) requirements. Letter A written document sent by one person for another person Written It can electronic (computer) and it can be non-electronic (handwritten) A letter is suitable for everyone apart from blind people, it is a clear record that can be kept Telephone A conversation over the phone Non- written Electronic A telephone conversation is suitable for everyone as it instant apart from the deaf. ...read more.


SMS A short message sent on a mobile phone Written Electronic A text can be suitable for all people apart from the blind. A text is a short, and quick, ideal for someone reminding someone about deadlines, meetings etc. This is informal way of communicating and may not be used a lot as older members of the workplace don't understand or use text messaging. ...read more.


Report Is a structured way of reporting a study Written Electronic or Non-electronic A report is suitable for everyone apart from the blind, it gives a detailed, structured report on a study or case. It also gives information to management about what is going on. Video Conference A live video conversation between people in different places. Non- Written Electronic Suitable for everyone, it's a instant, quick and easy way of communicating to other people in different places, ...read more.

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