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Methods of Marketing Research

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    Dichotomous Questions These involve questions that have a choice of answers and your answer determines which question the respondent should move onto next, to avoid those answering questions that are not relevant to them. For example, question 6, do you shop at Tesco's?

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    Study of market share analysis 3) Study of market trends 4) Study of market segmentation etc. 4) Pricing research: 1) Evaluating the pricing strategy of the firm 2) Study of market trends 3) Study of pricing of competitors 4) Study of dealer pricing 5) Measuring price elasticity of demand 6) Estimating demand at current prices etc.

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    This makes the multinational corporation obsolete and the global corporation absolute. Nobody is safe from global reach and the irresistable economies of scale (reduction of costs and prices) and scope. The multinational and global corporation are not the same thing.

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