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Millennium Conservatories - Company overview and recommendations that have been suggested which will improve the quality of the company's security of their offices and the security of their computer systems.

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1 Abstract Organisations all over the world use various methods to send and receive information as well as many types of software applications to process information and data. This report follows on from the first report and is an in depth look at the computing resources of a chosen business, the telecommunications methods it utilises, the software application it uses if any and the security measure the business uses. In a meeting with the Mr Medi Ghafarian, the proprietor of Millennium Conservatories which this assignment is based on, many questions where asked about the business and its information systems, software applications and methods of sending and receiving information. It was found that they use few and simple methods of security but utilise good application software. Their information accuracy and security criteria is very high for if it was not there would be many problems. The security of the sales shop is somewhat lacking in up to date methods, with simple filing cabinets to hold important documents. And a small box for back up floppy disks. Recommendations have been suggested which will improve the quality of the company's security of their offices and the security of their computer systems. 2 Table of Contents 1 Abstract 1 2 Table of Contents 2 3 Terms of Reference 3 4 Main Body 4 4.1 Computer Resources within the Company 4 4.2 Value of Accurate Information 4 4.3 Measures Taken to keep Information Secure 5 4.4 Current application Software 5 4.5 How the Company uses Methods of Telecommunications 6 4.6 Common Applications Software 6 4.7 Security and Accuracy Criteria for Information 7 ...read more.


The data that is backup up of floppy disks are locked in a small floppy disc case. Any information that is passed over the phone can be done in privacy because there are two rooms in the sales office. 4.4 Current application Software Millennium Conservatories use various types of application software to help with the day to day running of the company. One of the main types of software they use is a design program called Vector Sprint visualisation and sales software The software includes superimposing on to a digital photograph of the customer's house, realistic 3D drawings and base plans for conservatories and windows. With this application Millennium Conservatories are able to show the customer what the windows or conservatory would look like on their house. With these designs the customer will be able to visualise what their house would look like with the product installed and this gives Millennium Conservatories a greater chance of making a sale. Another software application Millennium Conservatories use is called Sage Line 50, There are three main products within the Line 50 - Accountant, Accountant Plus and Financial Controller. Each includes the three basic ledgers, complete VAT management and credit control. Accountant Plus also offers management reports, stock control and invoicing, while Financial Controller gives you the further facilities of order processing and connects directly to spreadsheets, word processors and database packages such as Microsoft, word, excel and access 4.5 How the Company uses Methods of Telecommunications Millennium Conservatories use many forms of telecommunications some computerised like e-mail, and some that are not computerised like the telephone and the postal service. ...read more.


6 Recommendations After researching and analysing the various methods of security and accuracy criteria as well as the telecommunications and software packages Millennium Conservatories utilise, The following statements are recommendations that Millennium Conservatories could utilise to improve their business. Because of the ever-changing Internet security issues, threats and viruses I would recommend that Millennium Conservatories update their firewall and anti virus software every time a new version comes out, this can be done by going to the manufacturers web site and update their software whenever and update is available. I would also recommend that they purchase a small safe and an adequate file back up system like a external zip drive and then keep the back up disks in the safe in case they get burgled. Also important documents could be kept in the safe instead of the filing cabinet. Instead of using a fax machine to order their supplies I would recommend that they find a supplier that they can order from online. This would save the company the hassle of filling in an order form printing it out and then sending it by fax. I would also recommend they set up a wide area network that would connect the warehouse, factory and sales offices, this way people in the sales office could check up on the progress of a product. Also the factory could check the levels of stock but for this Millennium Conservatories would have to set up a small database with a list of products they have in stock and every time they remove some stock they update the database. They could also implement simple bar code system so that stock control could be automated. ...read more.

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