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Modelling - System analysis.

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ICT Coursework Task 1b - MODELLING Anees Razzak SYSTEM ANALYSIS Requirement specification and expected outcomes The reason for producing the system is to produce an invoice for the customer and give them an estimated price for their car hire. Luton Airport have decided to expand their business and install a car hire service for customers interested in hiring cars. The users of my car hire will be the system manager and operator. The system manager would use it to maintain it safety and keep it updated and the operator will be at his desk looking at the history of the cars etc. The customer will also use it but only get the invoice. The information will be presented to the customer via an invoice as this gives them the option to either look at the cars for hiring or consider buying it. Also it gives them the chance to choose the car THEY want and is suited to them, there will be a variety of cars. It will be user friendly which is very essential for the invoice. It will also be presented to an on screen operator so that he can produce a quotation for the customer. ...read more.


I am more familiar with a word processor but it cannot calculate formulas, whereas a spreadsheet can. SYSTEM DESIGN Initial ideas and layout The variables for my model are: * Km charge * Engine size * Insurance * VAT * Days hired For example, If the VAT decreases by %5 then the cost of hiring decreases The rules I have applied to my car hire system are: * A person must be over the age of 18 to hire a car The cells are linked within and between the two sheets if the software is instructed to do this. When a formula is inserted in a cell, it will obey your command if the formula is linked correctly. It is linked by typing in the = sign and then choosing the draft and pressing enter, it is very simple. SYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION AND TESTING Draft 1 and Draft 2 Draft 1 and draft 2 are very similar. Draft 1 has the basic test data whereas draft 2 has more complex data such as information about the vehicle. There were also formulas working out the financial details of hiring a car (test data). ...read more.


Change the engine charge * Change the insurance charge # What if 1 What if 2 What if 3 What if 4 What if 5 SYSTEM EVALUATION System improvements Although my system did what I wanted it to do, it was very basic and consisted of very few, if any, graphics and logos etc. in the beginning I found it very hard but once I got going I started to understand what Mr Askew was talking about. At first I was clueless because Mr Askew gave very brief and subtle instructions. I found it relatively easy to create and use the model using the spreadsheet software, as I was quite familiar with its components. However, I did have some trouble in creating a 'what if' solutions to test the data. To make the model better I could have used more logos and graphics and maybe even pictures to brighten up the system and make it more attractive instead of using texts. This obviously would have attracted a few more customers. I feel as if my choice of software was very wise as it is user friendly and is very easy to use even IF YOU ARE BEGINNERS at Microsoft Excel. ` BY ANEES RAZZAK MR.PEDO ...read more.

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