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Monitoring and evaluating customer service

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´╗┐Monitoring and evaluating customer services Zhanis Saulevics Monitoring and evaluating customer service Contents page Monitoring and evaluating customer service p.4 Making improvements to the customer services p.5 How monitoring and evaluating can impact change and improvement for the customer, the organisation and the employee p.6 Why the particular business performs well and why it demonstrates consistent and reliable customer service which at the same time benefits the customer, the organisation and the employee p.7 T he aim of this report is to describe and put emphasis on the process of evaluating and monitoring the customer service at particular business in different aspects. It also explains how improvements to the customer service and treating in the chosen particular organisation could be made.it is also intended to describe and show how evaluating and monitoring can affect change and improvement for consumers, employees and the organisation itself. As a result it draws conclusions about whether business performs wells and is running smoothly and whether their customer service is performing successfully, effectively and magnificently or all the work that has been done was in vain. Businesses need their customers to buy their products or to use their services in order to survive and make a profit. The way that they treat their customers is therefore very important. Most of the businesses that are dealing with customers daily have often separate customer service departments that are responsible for treating customers. ...read more.


If you change you network provider, they will send a letter asking the reason why you have done that. Another interesting example can be TK Max. I?ve been there last week and what I?ve noticed were stickers in the fitting rooms saying that everyone, who has purchased something in their shop and has a receipt, can go to their website, and take part in the lottery by simply filling in the survey. This is how they urge their customers to fill their questionnaires as people do not want to spend their free time on such ?nonsense?. On the whole, all those businesses use more or less similar ways of making their customers share their opinions and ideas. How improvements can be made Improvements to customer service The evaluation process should help to find out areas where improvements are needed. Reliability is crucial for customer confidence. They are not going to purchase anything that fails or breaks down after a few days of use. If a product is faulty, some changes must be made to solve the issue and they also have to make sure that customers can easily return the product back to store. If many customers are asking to introduce the same product then it is worth doing that otherwise they will be possibly forced to go to another store if they really need it and it may even turn out that they?ll do the entire shopping there. ...read more.


That?s why they might need to think about employing new staff in order to diminish the pressure on the old ones. Pleasant working environment is a key to fulfilling of employee?s needs. Good deliberate organisation of shelves and offices will also make the daily work of staff less problematic and the working routine can be made a bit brighter. So if staff has a bit more spare time they can devote it to other important aspects and therefore they will have probably better product knowledge. If so they will have more confidence in products or service they are selling. On the whole staff should be happy with their work. In my opinion O2 is doing quite well as they have good staff organisation, decent salaries and they are making all efforts to attract new clients and to keep them. Their working conditions are also much better comparing with the rest of the businesses, especially trading. As a mobile network provider they are to be able to offer something that looks really tempting to stand out against a background. They are trying to follow all rules that relate to overall success and as a result they achieve their aims. Such companies with many satisfied consumers are less likely to go out of the business. That?s why as a conclusion I would like to emphasise that O2 is certainly the best company in my opinion. ...read more.

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