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Motivation at Pizza hut 9.1

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Motivation at Pizza Hut Part A What is Motivation? Motivation is the characteristic that is required in order to achieve anything in life without being motivated you will give up at the first sign of adversity. It means to inspire, instigate and encourage a person to do their best. Motivation will compel a person to think "If I can't, then I must" and will cause them to do whatever it takes to become successful. If you inspire motivation it can change your life. You will be inspired to get what you want regardless of what people tell you that you can not do. I have personally seen people apply the motivation factors in life to get from poverty to a life filled with abundance. Why is Motivation Important? There are many reasons why motivation is important in your life such as: motivation helps you get started, motivation helps you keep moving, motivations makes you do more than necessary and motivation makes the journey fun. When an employee is motivated he/she is more likely to work better this will result in better quality of work with less wastage and higher productivity. Introduction to Chosen Business... Pizza Hut The business which I have chosen to research on is Pizza Hut. The reason I chose to work on Pizza hut was because Pizza Hut is the world's largest restaurant chain pizza restaurant chain which has approximately 34,000 restaurants. Theories of Motivation ELTON MAYO Elton Mayo had the belief that workers are not just concerned with money but could be better motivated by having their social needs met whilst at work. He introduced the Human Relation School of thought, which focused on managers taking more of an interest in the workers, treating them as people who have worthwhile opinions and realising that workers enjoy interacting together. ...read more.


* Challenging/ stimulating work * Sense of personal achievement and personal growth in a job - By carrying out a task a person looks up to themselves and is proud of what they have carried out this could be by, Helping out, created something, carried out a difficult talk, a job completed. Many workers like to be privileged from accomplishing tasks in a work place so that they could feel eager to start another and be proud of achieving things. Motivational Strategies Used at Pizza Hut Hertzberg Hygiene Factors and Motivators There are many types of motivational strategies which Pizza Hut adapts regarding what management it is under. Pizza Hut knows that happy colleagues deliver great service that's why they have a whole host of flexible benefits and these involve the follows: * Training - Pizza Hut offers members to do a vocational training scheme where they send their colleagues to be trained and have a managerial position. This scheme is carried out every week to help give extra to members. * Equality - Pizza Hut has a strict policy to serve all members equally and not discriminate on any grounds. All applicants are considered for roles immaterial of their sex, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, race, religion, colour, nationality, ethnic origin or age. They employ the same recruitment and training processes for all applicants. What they do is to make sure candidates feel as comfortable as possible during the selection process and make sure that Pizza Hut spread the net as wide as possible in terms of targeting potential colleagues. * Salary - As Pizza Hut has an equality policy they make sure all their employees are paid the amount they are told and not even a penny less. ...read more.


* Training - For every individual they are always offered some sort of training in Pizza Hut. If Pizza Hut offer good training then the individual would be happy to work with them and do any task they would be given. Conflict arises in this when the trainer does not train the member to the right standard of what they have to do. If the employee is not given the right amount of training then the employee would not be able to do all the work. * Salary - Individuals who work for an organisation or any business always want to be paid a good standard so that they could at least be satisfied with the basic needs. If individuals in Pizza Hut are poorly paid then it lessens the chances of them being motivated and working efficiently which means the output they produce is not to a good standard. Alternative Approach for Pizza Hut If Pizza Hut want to do more for their employees then they should start giving incentives such as bonuses, this would motivate employees more. I also feel if more responsibilities are given to an employee are feel more wanted in the organization. Team leaders should give out tasks which can be done in a longer period in order for work to be carried out in a better standard. Pizza Hut can gain more customers by getting the board of directors to come down and help out with work so they can ensure everything is up to their standard. This way they can socialize more with their employees and find out more about their needs. ?? ?? ?? ?? Maddy Unit 9 - Managing and Developing People ...read more.

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