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My Business - Pet sitting.

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Contents o Task 1- Pet Sitting Introduction (page 2) o Task 2- The Ownership of my Business (page 3) o Task 3- Desk (secondary) research (page 5) o Task 4- Field (Primary) Research (page 10) o Task 3- Evaluation (Marketing Strategy) (Page 15) Task 1 Pet Sitting Introduction My product will be a pet sitting service. It will look after people's pets, such as cats, dogs, and small pets like rabbits, during a house move or whilst they go on holiday. My marketing strategy will decide the exact product, place, price and promotion of my business. The cost of this service will include the pet's food, accommodation and other needs individual to specific pets for example straw for a rabbit. It will profit by receiving money for the care and attention given to their animals. It will be successful as people can find trust in the trained staff that will care for their animals in comfortable surroundings and people with a great love for pets will be reassured that they are in safety when on holiday. I will sell this service within my own home and people will come to me for the service. My customers will be pet owners in the local area that are either going on holiday, away on business or moving house. I think this would be a suitable business for me as I have a passion for animals and have my own pets. Therefore I recognize the needs and demands of a pet owner. Task 2 The Ownership of my Business There are many different types of business, which gives me numerous different options to choose from. Before I make a decision I am going to look at the advantages and disadvantages of different types of business. Being a sole trader has many advantages for example you can make your own decisions, keep all the profits and choose all your own hours. You also can have job satisfaction and independence so you don't have to rely on anyone. ...read more.


Other popular pets include hamsters, gerbils, rabbits and guinea pigs, as well as other bird species. Although the UK pet population has grown significantly over the past 20 years, this growth has somewhat declined recently. In fact, if the relatively modest growth in the number of households over the past 5 years is taken into account, there has been an actual decline in the numbers of pets per household over this period. In the case of dogs, the number of dogs per household has declined, but the total dog population has remained virtually static. Within the dog population the trends are unclear, depending in part on how breeds are defined as `large' or `small'. Some commentators claim to detect an increase in the popularity of smaller dogs, attributed to a variety of causes, including the expense of feeding and the adverse publicity suffered by some of the larger, more aggressive, breeds. However, recent research suggests `a slow but discernible trend towards larger dogs -- which is being stimulated by a growing number of older people with extended leisure time'. Another trend is towards the ownership of the more independent kinds of pets, which need less in the way of constant care and attention, and which can be left unattended for relatively long periods. This trend favours cat rather than dog ownership, and it is indisputable that the cat population has grown somewhat more rapidly than the dog population over the past 5 years." This helps me to form my market strategy because it shows me what types of pets are owned etc which will help me construct the product part of my marketing strategy. Task 4 Field (Primary) Research In this task I will conduct some primary research in order to put together my final marketing strategy. My first method of primary research is to make a questionnaire in order to find out o How many people in the area own pets o What pets people own o How many people with pets would ...read more.


Promotion My pet sitting company will be promoted in a number of ways. The first way will be an advert in the yellow pages and on their web site at www.yell.com. This would be suitable because as when I was researching other companies I found most of them either in the yellow pages or at www.yell.com. The second method of promotion will be in holiday brochures and travel agents as the service can be used when going on holiday so customers can simply find my company with the holiday. This may not be suitable however as it would be very expensive toi advertise in every holiday brochure as there are hundreds of different ones. Another problem is some brochures are seasonal during quieter periods another method of advertising would be needed to keep the level of customers a profitable number. My final method of promotion is advertising in local pet shops using a poster listing the services offered, a brief idea of price and the telephone number. This should inform most pet owners about the company. Evaluation of marketing strategy If the marketing strategy is unsuccessful I will change/increase the method of promotion and if still unsuccessful the prices could be decreased so we would be more competitive than other pet sitting companies. On the other hand if it's too successful and the demand is too high the price would be highered leading some if the customers to other companies. The prices could not be highered too much though, as all too many customers will choose other companies therefore leaving my company with little of no customers resulting in little or no profit. Inaccurate results may result in an unsuccessful marketing strategy. For example if the prices of existing companies was inaccurately researched of if there was a mistake in the calculation of averages then the price I have set may not be competitive at all and in fact much higher or lower than other companies. This would either result in too many or not enough customers. 1 Samantha Pennington 10P ...read more.

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