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My Dream Career. I want to become the Executive Director of one of the famous companies such as Microsoft. For this job it will be a long and difficult journey.

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I have a dream seems at first second that is difficult to achieve but with the will and hard work could turn the dream into reality, I want to become the Executive Director of one of the famous companies such as Microsoft. For this job it will be a long and difficult journey. Education: I must be studying in one of the best universities, so I intend to study IT at Bahrain Training Institute. First I will get the Diploma I well study for 2 years then I will get the Higher National Diploma also I will study for 2 years. ...read more.


Programming Techniques 2. Computer Systems 3. Internet Applications and Services 4. Visual Programming 5. Models of Computations and Systems 6. Software Engineering Methods 7. Database Systems: Design and Applications 8. Interactive Systems 9. Networking 10. Software Analysis and Verification 11. Mobile Information and Device programming 12. Information Security 13. Software Project Management 14. Operating Systems 15. Mobile Enterprise Systems 16. Logic Programming and Knowledge Representation 17. Distributed Systems Experience: The experience I will get it when I work in a company during my studies. I will be always hardworking in my job and I will build a relationships with the employees and the company's directors and owners, and this will help me in the future. ...read more.


If I could not save enough money to study, I will apply for an educational loan to pay it for my studies and I will repay it from what I get it in my work. Attitude: I don?t have a good communication skills and dealing with others, and I was very shy and not confident in myself a lot, but in my work I improve my communication skills and l learned how to deal with others and my confidence has increased a lot .. After this long and difficult journey in realizing my dream, I hope to see myself as the Executive Director of one of the famous company in the world. Resources: Ahlia University http://www.ahlia.edu.bh/ahliaweb/ BTI - Bahrain Training Institute http://www.bti.com.bh/ ...read more.

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