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My employer for the last 4 years has been Scottish Enterprise Borders. Using this organisation as a case study will allow me to demonstrate that I have a clear understanding of how business organisations are structured.

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Assessment 1a My employer for the last 4 years has been Scottish Enterprise Borders. Using this organisation as a case study will allow me to demonstrate that I have a clear understanding of how business organisations are structured. Scottish Enterprise Borders has a mission statement that very clearly communicates to staff, stakeholders and our publics what we do. 1. "Our purpose is to help the people of the Scottish Borders create and sustain jobs, prosperity and a high quality of life." The statement itself is our broadest possible communication of the organisation's philosophy, purpose, goal, value and function. It describes the underlying design, aim and thrust of what we do. It also reflects a realistic but farsighted determination of who Scottish Enterprise Borders is, whom it serves, what it does, and what it strives to accomplish. Scottish Enterprise Borders has seven company goals which underpin our overall strategy. All of our goals are customer, business and behaviourally driven. 2. a) Our main consumer/customer goal is "Satisfying Customers." Our consumers/customers are wide and varied and may include members of the public, others in the network, businesses, partners, sponsors and colleagues. b) The main goal relating to our product or services is "Expert In Our Field." We strive to ensure staff are knowledgeable, experienced, continuously learning, and able to broker/signpost to the right expertise. ...read more.


* Vibrant communities aims to build on the deep sense of community that exists in the area, and to build communities of interest. * Leadership in partnership is more the way to make the strategy work than a theme. Strong partnerships involving the public and private sectors have to be built. Scottish Borders Council - Scottish Borders Council is committed to the improvement and development of the local economy. Services to business offered by the council run in parallel and in partnership with the services of Scottish Enterprise Borders. Scottish Borders Council along with Scottish Enterprise Borders are the lead organisations in the partnership needed to deliver New Ways. Local authorities play an important role in local economic development through their responsibility for education, planning, transportation, housing, social services, and community development and through delivery of direct business support services. The influence of Councils in relation to spending and employment is also significant to the local economy. The range of functions undertaken directly in support of economic development does however closely resemble that of LEC's -business competitiveness, business infrastructure, training, economic inclusion therefore it is important that we have good partnership working strategies. Academic Institutions - Borders College and Heriot Watt are the two higher education providers in the Scottish Borders. In addition both of these institutions are partners in the New Ways strategy. ...read more.


Business Gateway is part of enterprise development and this is where the volume type enquiries from small business and business start up would filter to. * Physical Business Infrastructure - The business function of Physical Business Infrastructure is to deal with the property, tourism, ICT and transport infrastructure of the Scottish Borders. This function of Scottish Enterprise Borders could mean working directly with clients, inward investment approaches, local council and other stakeholders such as BT. * Strategy & Corporate Services - This area of business function deals with our strategy, business support, European applications/claims, rural issues and stakeholder relationships. The key function for this area would be to produce our Operating Plan and monitor our performance against key indicators. * Partnerships, Skills and Learning - This core function deals with national programmes such as Skillseekers and Modern Apprenticeships. Workforce and market development and regeneration of outlying market towns. * Administration - Each of the functional areas has 1 administrator who looks after the needs of the team. The administration function is wide and varied and could involve anything from manning reception to small scale project management. * HR - centralised * Marketing - centralised * Finance - centralised * ICT - centralised ?? ?? (footnote continued) ?? ?? Amanda Whyte Structure of Business Organisations Assessments Outcome 1a 08/06/2004 6 1 Amanda Whyte Legal Aspects of Commercial Transactions Assessments Outcome 1a 14/05/2003 Amanda Whyte Legal Aspects of Commercial Transactions Assessments Outcome 1a 14/05/2003 ...read more.

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