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My local area will be in Thornton, Bradford near Leeds, there are already a few businesses in the area like the co-op, takeaways and newsagents so my business will be in competition with these other businesses

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James Braid GCSE business studies coursework "Is there scope for a new business in the local area?" Candidate name: James Braid Candidate number: Centre Name: Thornton, Bradford Centre number: 37176 Contents Page 1: Introduction Page 2: first questionnaire Page 3: Tally chart Page 4, 5, 6: First questionnaire analysis Page 7: Marketing mix Page 8, 9: Second Questionnaire Page 10: Tally chart Page 11, 12, 13: Second questionnaire analysis Page 14, 15: Pricing strategy Page 16: Product life cycle Page 17: Market segmentation Page 18, 19: Motivation theories Page 20: Businesses in Thornton Page 21: Competitive analysis Page 22, 23: Places for my Business Page 24, 25: Types of businesses Page 26: Resources Page 27, 28: Deeds of partnership Page 29: Finance Page 30: Advertising Page 31: Poster Page 32: Leaflet Page 33: Conclusion Page 34: Evaluation Page 35: Appendices Introduction In this piece of coursework I have to see if there is scope for a new business in the local area, to find this out I am going to create two questionnaires. The first questionnaire will be to find out what sort of business the local consumers would like to see in there area, the second questionnaire will be to find out more about the specific store that people would like to see, like where it will be situated and what prices items will be My local area: My local area will be in Thornton, Bradford near Leeds, there are already a few businesses in the area like the co-op, takeaways and newsagents so my business will be in competition with these other businesses This is a map of my local area What is your gender? Male Female Which age range are you in? 0-10 51-60 11-20 61-70 21-30 71-80 31-40 81+ 41-50 What is your local area? Thornton Clayton other (please specify below) Allerton Bingley .......................................................... Queensbury Wibsey Denholme Lidget green Would you like a new business in your area? ...read more.


During this stage, the producer has 3 options: to maintain the product in a hope that competitors will exit - they will reduce costs and find new uses for the product. They can also harvest the product, reducing market support and coasting along until no more profit can be made or they can discontinue the product. This means that there is no more profit to be made or there is a successor product. Motivation theories As I will be employing staff to work in my internet caf� I will need to understand how to motivate them so that I can get the best possible work out of them, I have researched on motivation theories and these are the main theories: McGregor's theory McGregor's theories look at the different ways managers have to manage different types of people. There are two theories: theory X and theory Y. Theory X Workers are only motivated by one thing - money! They are selfish, lazy and hate work. They need to be closely controlled and directed. Theory Y Workers are motivated by many different factors apart from money. They enjoy their work. They will happily take on responsibility and make decisions for the business. Maslow's theory * Actualisation :Self fulfilment cognitive needs * Esteem : Strength, Reputation, confidence, Importance * Social : Affection, Belongingness * Safety: Security & stability, Dependency, Protection Freedom from Fear. * Physiological : Hunger and Thirst, Sex Herxenberg's theory Herxenberg suggested that there are motivators that increase a person's job satisfaction. These include achievement, recognition, the work itself, responsibility advancement and growth. He also suggested the existence of Hygiene Factors that act as de-motivators. These include company policy, supervision, working conditions, interpersonal relations and salary. Motivators can produce long term positive effects whilst hygiene factors tend to cause only short term changes. In general, motivators relate to what a person does whilst hygiene factors relate to the situation in which the things are done. ...read more.


believe that my business will be successful as young people who live in the local area would come to use the internet. I think that my business would become quite popular and well known as I will make sure that people living in the local area know about it, by sending out leaflets and sticking up posters Evaluation I think that to improve my investigation I could have found out more research and investigated the local people more i.e. hobbies and interests. I think that my first questionnaire was not detailed enough as the research that I received from it was not enough to understand what the local people wanted and why. My second questionnaire was a lot better as I asked more detailed questions and found out enough information from it. I think that I should have approached my competitors earlier on as a couple of them wanted to help me with my research like the resources section and promotion, but because I approached them too late I was not able to use this opportunity, although I did manage to find out the information but it was second hand information. I do think that there is scope for an internet caf� earlier although I believe that I should have aimed my first questionnaire mainly at the younger people so that I could get a clearer picture of their wants and needs. If I was to complete this investigation again I would plan my time more carefully so that I could approach businesses and banks a lot earlier so that I could get as much research as I could. If I had more time I would also contact other internet cafes to find out how they ran and promoted there businesses. Overall, I think that my coursework is ok with some good research although if I had researched further then I would have been able to make some more discoveries throughout my investigation. 1st questionnaires 2nd Questionnaires Business plan, Competitors leaflets, Bank loan leaflets` ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level ICT in Business section.

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