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Objectives of Cadbury Schweppes plc

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Objectives of Cadbury Schweppes plc Cadbury Schweppes (CS) objectives: It is important to understand how CS objectives fit in with their aims and strategies. * The aim states what you want * The objectives set out what you need to have achieved to get what you want * The strategies are courses of action, which enable you to meet your objectives. In order for smart objectives to be effective, CS must: * Provide detail about what specifically needs to be achieved e.g. often in a quantitative form * Have a time limit by when they need to have been achieved e.g. deadline for achieving something on March 2nd * Need to state the necessary resources that they require in order that objectives can be met. Cadbury Schweppes main objective is to expand the company: "Cadbury Schweppes' governing objective is growth of shareowner value." CS pursues this objective of growth by: * 'Focussing on the core businesses of beverages and confectionery' -this means that CS are totally committed to expand and provide the world with chocolates, drinks, etc, which the world will enjoy and be delighted with. * 'Developing robust and sustainable positions in regional markets' - this means that CS make sure that they are in a strong position in the market. An example for 'developing robust' would be that when CS launched 'wispa' a chocolate bar, which was tested in the North East of England to see if the chocolate bar was a 'hit' to people. If 'wispa' was good up in the North East, then it would be suitable for being launched nationally. * 'Growing organically and by acquisition' - growing organically means is to expand the company e.g. more factories produced, more employees recruited from outside of the company and etc. Acquisition is when a company merges with another company to be stronger and to achieve the company's objectives for growth e.g. ...read more.


In 1996 the marketing and sales was 14.4%, which the sales was at �4575million but there has been an increase in 2001. In 2001, CS marketing and sales grew by 5.2%, which was at 19.6%. the sales of CS also increased by �944 million which was at �5519 million. The reason that I used the sales and marketing criteria's on Fig 1 was to determine that CS is growing because the sales and the market are very largely involved with the growth of CS. If the sale decreases, then CS growth will decrease. There is also other evidence that CS is growing on my judgement: CADBURY SCHWEPPES REPORTS GOOD FIRST HALF EARNINGS GROWTH Cadbury Schweppes plc reports on financial performance for the 24 weeks ended 16 June 2002: 2002 2001 Change �m �m % Sales� 2,354 2,200 + 7 Underlying Operating Profit* 429 400 + 7 Underlying Profit Before Tax* 386 351 +10 Underlying EPS* - pence 12.9 11.5 +12 Dividends per share - pence 3.5 3.35 + 4.5 * Before restructuring costs, goodwill amortisation and disposal gains/losses. � See note 1a to the accounts Summary * Underlying earnings up 13% at constant currency continuing a consistent trend of double digit earnings growth. * Strong contribution from a more profitable mix and increased efficiencies. * Overall volumes up 6%: * Acquisitions contribute the great majority of growth. * Like-for-like volume only marginally up due to North America Beverages and confectionery in Argentina. * Developed confectionery markets' volumes up 2%. * Acquisitions also strengthen existing businesses and extend participation in higher growth categories. Cadbury Schweppes CEO, John Sunderland, said, "The business performed soundly in the first half and we are on track to meet earnings and cash flow targets for As you can see on the quote that I received from CS, it shows the earnings of the company's growth. Again this quote clearly shows and backs up my thoughts on CS growth. ...read more.


- quality circles affects HR because if the employees are motivated and satisfied with their work, it shows that the HR department has recruited and selected the right employees for the job. It also shows that the performance management has influenced the employees to be motivated and feel part of the team to provide excellent quality products. The training/development function shows also shows that they have trained and developed their skills towards CS quality control, which helps CS to meet their objectives. The human resource planning has also been affected by quality circles because it shows that they have targeted the right people for the job to provide excellence in the quality of products. This can be the opposite for when the functions in HR have got a wrong, unmotivated employee, which means that the recruitment/ selection and training/development has wasted time and money and the whole process of recruiting the right person has to be done again. This shows to me that quality circles have affected Human Resources in CS because the quality circles makes the employee feel part of the team to success, which motivates them or doesn't. * Quality circles affects the Research & Development (RD) function because when the employees are suggesting there are improvements to be made in quality control, it can mean that there can also be problems with the product e.g. if the are any improvements on the quality production process to be made, it can mean that there were side affects in the chocolate that the RD didn't consider. Quality circle helps the RD function, so that they can recognise any problems of the products that they didn't consider. * The Production function is affected by quality circles because knowing what improvements to be overcomed, will mean that there is something wrong in the production process. The quality circles will identify the problems, so that the production process can make the improvements e.g. the raw material might be all unsuitable to be eaten. ...read more.

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