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Objectives Of Low and Bonar

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Objectives Of Low and Bonar A objective is a aim that a business sets its self. It is important that the objectives are realistic targets for the business to reach. Objectives must be measured so that the business can be sure it is reaching its targets. Business's may set themselves short or long term objectives depending upon the time required for the objective to be reached. Low and Bonar have the following Objectives: * Invest in Product Innovation and capital equipment * Invest in growth sectors and new products * There People * Make a profit by achieving low cost production * Ensure shareholders receive high dividends * Protecting the Environment Source: Low and Bonar Annual Report 2001 Invest in Product Innovation, capital equipment, growth sectors and new products A investment is a input of recourses that should bring long term advantages. The nature of a investment may be to Purchase capital goods, be used in production of goods, to replace worn out items and to Invest capital into expenditure likely to yield high return. However a investment does not always bring benefits to the company, it is a risk took by the business that aims to bring in a bigger profit but can also result in a loss. ...read more.


Growth sectors are often carefully measured to ensure that they produce the best possible results for the business. As a result of this business invest in marketing and production so that they can expand the area to its limit and ensure they will be making a profit. When sectors grow Business reconsider the prices for they products, they often look at the consumer surplus charts to see how they can maximise there profits. New products are ways in which Business can diversify, expand and become better known. They result in high profits being made in most cases and they help there previous products become better know as the business starts to become widely recognised. New products can raise the prices of shares which helps invest confidence into the business as well as being better credited by financial institutions. New products can be long term of short term depending upon the market for them. They are often well researched to ensure that they have a good chance of selling and this gives them a idea of there target market and production numbers. There People Our People, a aim by most business is to spend time and money on there staff, workers and other people involved within the business who help run how business operates. ...read more.


As Low and Bonar are a PLC anyone has a right to buy shares into the company, therefor they can loose complete control over what they do. Protecting the environment Protecting the environment, In recent years the environmental issues have been highlighted by the levels of pollution and toxins released into the atmosphere by mass production companies burning fossil fuels etc. Many business face political dangers with public opinion and ethics therefor they make this one of there objectives. Low and Bonars environmental objectives are: � That there manufacturing operations world-wide are managed responsibly, in full compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, and that environmental damage or nuisance does not occur as a result of our activities. � That conservation programmes for energy and water usage are implemented in all of our operating subsidiaries. � That recycling programmes are implemented where appropriate to maximise the efficient use of raw materials. � That there employees world-wide share in the Company's concern for the protection of the environment, and are given the knowledge and training to achieve this. This shows that they try to respect the area in which they work in by not over polluting the environment and using the natural resources with care. Business have to be aware of environmental issues because of laws and procedures and can face very heavy fines if these are broken. ...read more.

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