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Objectives of Scorpio Print Finishing

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Objectives of Scorpio Print Finishing Scorpio's commitment to Quality They recognise that the service that provides can very often define the quality of the finished product that their customers provide to their customers. They have in place the most stringent quality assurance and quality control procedures that give our customers the confidence to entrust Scorpio with their commitment. The Scorpio print finisher business is all about ''INFORMATION & COMMUNICATION'', key ingredients to the successful completion of work. Their customer services department is in place to satisfy their customer's requirements. On receipt of an order, one of our experienced Customer Services Representatives will be allocated to your job. This person will be the businesses one point of contact. Information and communication are the key ingredients for the successful running of a job. Faxed or emailed information will be sent to your business by 0930 each morning to keep your business fully up to date as to the progress of the job. So they keep the company whom they are working for are well informed. ...read more.


Standards at Scorpio Scorpio try's to increase its sales by keeping their standards of work high and concentrating on providing the best quality print that there is. As long as they have high quality they will never run out of business. In 2001 Scorpio Print Finishing got the print finishers award for having the best quality work in the UK. This proves that they are continuing to keep the standards of their work at a high level. Services These are the services Scorpio provide, Perfect Binding, Stitch and Trim, Poly Wrapping, Cutting and Creasing, Guillotining, Folding, Endorse Folding, One Piece Mailing, Gluing, and Pick and Place. Scorpio provides services to the community as it provides them with newspapers, leaflets, magazines and brochures, books and catalogues. Scorpio is in the secondary industry, which receives lots of different types of paper and card and cuts and finishes them, and then gives you the out come as a book or magazine. These are tagged at a certain price for so many and then are sold in a place like an office. ...read more.


Staff/Machine Operators There workforce of approximately 200 staff provide the skills and experience to run the vast array of modern equipment 24 hours per day 7 days per week. They employ some of the most experienced operators in the industry supplemented by able Assistants. There is no substitute for well-trained staff and as such have a number of trainees in various areas that they believe will give the continuity of skills and ability for many years to come. Each distinct area of their factory has a departmental head responsible for the productivity and quality of that area. Scorpio are always taking on new recruitments and training them to be machine assistants, this way they are never short of staff and if the company decides to expand and open more factory's they have the skilled work force to run them. Scorpio's manning, planning and estimating department This department ensures that, wherever possible, the fine balance between machine load and staff requirements is met and of course that we give you the fastest possible response to your valued enquiries. Leo Cleversley and Gary Fagan run this department. Engineering and Maintenance Comes under the control of Mick Downs our Engineering Manager of Scorpio. Lee Smith 12CW ...read more.

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