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Office application on electronic communicator.

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ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION AT PC WORLD This organization is a branch of PC world, which has many branches in the U.K. The business deals in computers, both sales and service. This branch is situated in 4804 Colliers Wood in Morden. It sells new computers, parts for computers and offers servicing for these computers. There are thirty-one people employed at this branch led by the branch manager. There is a sales team of twelve, five receptionist, eight accountants, three area managers and three mechanics. Electrical communication is used in every business all around the world. Communication is the process of enabling ideas or information to be passed between people and organizations. Te widespread use of electronic technology in organization has brought a great deal of benefits but there are also problems of electronic technology. The use of electronic communication in business is vital because with out that technology no business will work. ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES SPEED: Information can be passed very quickly from one side of the world to another. COST: Cost of electronic technology can be very high because you need someone to install the equipment, the running cost and the cost of training staff. ...read more.


This is called moving text (MERGING), which, means that text can be amended and moved quickly and easily without the possibility of any faulty or errors by having to re-key it. There are three main methods where texts can be moved: * Cut and paste * Copy and past * Or drag and drop These three methods only work if the text is selected by highlighting the text by either the mouse or the cursor and shift keys. Another use of electronic communication is using E-mail. This method of communication can be available to anyone with a telephone and a computer with a modem. E-mails work by sending information to another business. The modem connects the computer to the telephone network allowing sending and receiving information/data, which can be displayed on the computer. E-mail has its own address and each user has a mailbox to collect information. E-mailing has become widely used between businesses and within organization. The benefits of E-mails are: * It is easy to use * It is cheap * E-mails can be password protected * Communication can be sent 24 hours daily * Messages can be prepared early, which reduces the cost. ...read more.


PC world deals their problems with major techniques by either contacting professionals or applying their own staff to do the work. They record any work, which has being a problem into the spreadsheets and deals with problems as quickly as possible. They make better use of their electronic communication by improving technology. The Internet has being a major build up to the business as they paste their adverts on the web and also has a good record, which has increased by 2% of customers buying online. They also improved their E-mail communication by sending offers to customers and also applied an online technical repairperson. The visual communication has saved their meetings as the manager Mr. J. Smith is in contact with the main PC world management, which they discuss how to improve their services to customers. PC world makes better use of electronic communication by improving how they can be more effective to the customers and how they can improve new offers that they can advertise. PC world is satisfied that their electronic communication hasn't affected their business greatly and will advise their employees with any new technology. . ...read more.

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