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On behalf of the tee shirt manufacturing company I have been asked to create a database complete with Entity Relationship Modelling.

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ICT IN BUSINESS IC340 COURSEWORK 1 ROBERT LOCHHEAD 0304949 Contents * Introduction * Phase 1 * Phase 2 * Phase 3 * Phase 4 * Effectiveness & improvements On behalf of the tee shirt manufacturing company I have been asked to create a database complete with Entity Relationship Modelling. Below is a brief overview of the company as it stands. The company makes t-shirts and have over 100 different designs, which come in 4 different sizes. With the business currently experiencing rapid growth Cathy Harris is starting to struggle with all of the paperwork as she is doing it all manually. Since the business is growing she feels that this method may no longer be appropriate for the business. If she carries on as she is then it could end up being more bother than it should be. In my report I have made up an ERM starting off at a very easy stage. I feel that this approach will help Cathy with the running of her business. ...read more.


This is because there is many order details for every design detail and for all of the different designs there is one product. Phase 3 Customers Order Order Design Product Details Details CustomerID OrderID OrderID* DesignID ProductID CustomerID* DesignID* ProductID* In this phase we have resolved all of the relationships to one to many, which must be done in order to have an efficient relational database and to help you get quick retrieval of any information that may be required. We have also merged the payment entity into the order details entity. In the next phase the attributes will be entered that are relevant to the Tee Shirt Manufacturing Company and we will review the entities to make sure they are normalised to third normal form. This is to make sure that we don't have any attributes that are not reliant on the primary keys. Customers Order Order Design Product Details Details CustomerID OrderID OrderDetID* DesignID ProductID Name CustomerID* DesignID* ProductID* Price Address Order Date Quantity Size Colour Phone No Delivery Date Description E-mail Payment Method Deposit Paid In this ...read more.


By using this new computerised system Cathy can look up in the database to see if customers pay on time, how long they have been a customer for how many orders they make and so on, so there is no end to the benefits that this system can bring to her business. This method of checking on customers wouldn't take very long compared to the length of time it would take the previous way. Having the new system would also be good for storage, all of the information that is needed is on computer where as before it would have been stored in filling cabinets or away in drawers. Also with this system all of the information in the database is easily updated or changed and if there is any errors they can be deleted. The most obvious improvement for this database would be upgrading the database system by making it more complex therefore it would give more information at the touch of a button. ...read more.

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