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Online booking system Database

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Ajay Patel Reasons for the categories in my Database I have had to make a database which will soon be linked to the online booking system which will also soon be created in Microsoft FrontPage. The reason why I had to make a database is so that the information which will be needed for the online booking system can be kept in the database. After examining many other online booking forms, the majority of them for cinemas I decided to make a list of all of the information which I will have to keep in my database and the reasons why I believe that it is appropriate to keep this information. The categories which I have decided to put into my database and then link up to my online booking system are; 1. Title 2. Forename 3. Surname 4. Address 5. Name of Film 6. Time of Film 7. Start time of Film 8. Finish Time of film 9. Certificate 10. Screen Number 11. Email Address 12. Number of Tickets @ Adult price 13. Number of Tickets @ Child's price 14. Number of Tickets @ OAP price 15. Number of Tickets @ Student price 16. Number of Tickets in Total 17. Ticket Collection Number Those are the seventeen different categories which I decided to include into my database. The reason why I have included these are because; Title The reason why I decided to include this in my database is because; I feel that it is important to know whether the person whom is buying the tickets ...read more.


Time of Film/ Start/ Finish The reason why I have decided to include this category into my database is because; it is important that the customer knows when the film is scheduled to start and finish. The time of the film and the start of the film are slightly different in certain ways. I believe that the time of the film should be taken back 10 minuets from the scheduled time of the film time, just in case of any problems which may occur. The start of the film is the actual time that the film will actually commence. It is also important to put the time that the film finishes just in case the customers have to do something afterwards and they will require the running time of the film and the approximated finish time. With this information the customers will be able to decide whether they will have enough time to get to their next destination after the film. Also, it is a general guide to show how long the film is. The reason why I feel this information is crucial is because; this information is what people base coming to the cinema on, the fact whether they can make it or not. Certificate It is vital that we put the certificate of the films. The reason for this is because; the customers know whether the film is suitable for all, and whether they can take their children to the cinemas to watch certain films. ...read more.


Ticket Collection Number The reason why I have decided to put this on is because; the tickets are usually printed off and if the customer doesn't have a printer then he can acquire the collection number and go to the special stands in the cinema to pick up his tickets, this will be quick and he/she wont have to wait in the queue for a very long time. This is also a number which contains the record of the certain order which is being processed. The number will hold the entire order in it, so this is also another verification method which can be used to make sure that the order is acceptable and to make sure that the customer knows what he is buying and for how much he is buying it for. Credit Card Information There will obviously have to be information on the booking system about the customer's credit card. The information will be entered but it won't be saved into out databases. The reason for this is because; there is too much of a high risk keeping very personal details like credit card numbers which can lead to fraudulent uses of cards if a server was hacked into and various card numbers where stolen. That is the reason why this information will be not kept in the database. Nevertheless we will use an ssl encrypted security procedure to make sure that the credit card information is kept secret and not hacked into whilst the order is being processed online. This is one of the most reliable and the most up-to-date methods of making sure that the credit card number is not stolen. ...read more.

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