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Opreationmanagement assignment

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Table Content Contents Page 1.0 Design of Goods and Services 1.1 Products' Description 1.2 Decision Tree 1-4 5-6 2.0 Forecasting 2.1 Seven Steps in the Forecasting System 2.2 Time-Series Forecasting 2.2.1 Moving Averages 2.2.2 Exponential smoothing 2.3 Associative Forecasting 7 8 9 10-11 3.0 Managing Quality 3.1 Introduction 3.1.1 Ethnics and Quality Management 3.2 ISO 14000 3.3 Total Quality Management 3.3.1 Benchmarking 3.4 Questionnaire: Health-Based Product 3.4.1 Result from Surveys about Health-Based Product 3.4.2 Tools of TQM (Pareto Charts) 3.4.3 Pareto Analysis 12 13 14 15-16 17 18 18-20 21 4.0 Location Strategies 4.1 The Strategies Importance of Location 4.2 Factors that Affect Location Decisions 4.3 Location Costs 4.4 Problems & Solution 22 22-23 23 24-25 5.0 Conclusion 26 1.0 DESIGN OF GOODS AND SERVICES 1.1 Products' Description (Source: www. Easyphamax.com) Blood Type Series: Blood Purify Many of people didn't realize that intake of food incompatible with our blood group for long period will form toxic in our body. Most importantly, the toxic will affect every system in human body. All these will lead to formation of various diseases. Blood Purify is a high quality and potential detoxification supplement for all people from different ages. It was designed to generating a clean and healthy body environment for healthy life. Blood Purify also cleanses and removes toxins from the body. It is created safely by natural ingredients and free from any side effect. Main Function Blood Purify helps to remove the toxins from the body cells, and then strengthen the functions of liver, gall, kidney and other parts of the body. Toxins or heavy metals will be emitted effectively. Moreover, Blood Purify also assists in body metabolism, regulation of hormones in order to achieve a healthy and balanced body. Ingredients (Source: www.Easyphamax.com) * Lemon extracts * Pineapple extracts (enzyme) * Black fungus extracts * Dandelion root * Licorice root * Milk thistle * Black walnut * Wheatgrass * Fenugreek * Parsley 1 (Source: www. ...read more.


ISO provide guidelines for company in managing their quality and if necessary they will certify the organization to improve their quality management. Furthermore, U.S government had established the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award for quality achievement. This award can encourages more company in different industries to enhance their quality control during the manufacturing of the products. Besides, we also have to determine the cost of quality, which are prevention cost, appraisal cost, internal failure and external costs. These four types of costs are important. They are associated with the quality. A good quality management needs to estimate these costs and manage it at a cost effective way. This is important to minimize the cost of the company operations and maximize the company profits. 12 The part of managing quality I would like to emphasize here is ethnics and managing quality. Our company had chosen to emphasize on this field because nowadays ethnic is important in creating brand loyalty and to create good reputation among both consumer and business partners. It is necessary to operate a business in an appropriate manner to gain customers support and penetrate market. The further explanation will be mentioned after this. 3.1.1 Ethnics and Quality Management Generally, it is important to produce healthy, safe and quality products and services to the customers. Besides provides the customer with health supplements which suitable with all blood types, we have to ensure the ingredients is benefit in improving people health condition. In addition, we have to ensure that it is safe and doesn't cause any side-effect to people in long term and not just focus on short term results. Our company uses the finest raw herbs available and thoroughly processes them to remove contaminants. We also have a quality control test on our products for each batch of products throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the safety of our products. In addition, our company is processing our products in environmental friendly way and delicate to our ecosystem. ...read more.


However, due to the consideration of the budget, the costs needed to renovate and the annual lease costs are also of the concern. The forth factor is purchasing power of the customers. Customers with moderate and high income will have more purchasing power. Select the location with many customers from this category of moderate and high income will increase the sales. The fifth factor is proximity to customers. Pure Wellness wishes to selects a location which is near to the office and housing area. Therefore, many types of consumers, such as the white-collar workers, housewives and young adults will always make their consumption at there. The last factor is existence of competitors. Pure Wellness needs to be aware of the competitors, so that it can maintain its sales and profit from time to time. After determine all the critical success factors, we will make the ratings to identify the best location. 24 Solution: Table below shows the evaluation of alternative locations by computing the weights and scores: Factor Weight (1-5) Ratings Weighted Scores Queensbay Mall Gurney Plaza E-gate Queensbay Mall Gurney Plaza E-gate Labor Availability and Attitudes 1 4 3 3 4 3 3 Convenience of the location ( Infrastructure, facilities, parking, security) 3 6 7 5 18 21 15 Size of the Shop and Costs 2 7 6 5 14 12 10 Purchasing Power of the customers 5 8 8 9 40 40 45 Proximity to Customers 4 8 7 5 32 28 20 Existence of Competitors 3 4 5 6 12 15 18 Total Scores 120 119 111 *All locations are rated on a 1 to 10 basis, with 10 as the highest score and 1 as the lowest Decision: Based on the table above, Queensbay Mall obtains the highest scores, which are 120. Therefore, Queensbay mall is the most suitable location to open our main and first branch. 25 5.0 Conclusion In sum, we have used several topics such as forecasting, design of goods, managing quality and location strategies to conduct our assignment. Besides, we have identifying several relevant elements of our company, Pure Wellness in various areas. ...read more.

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