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Organisational Behaviour

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Organisational Behaviour Essay In the light of theories of management & leadership, devise a strategy to improve Karen and Simon's people management of "The Edge" caf�. Management and leadership are two key elements that are required for any type of organisation to be able to compete and perform well within the marketplace. Without these two elements performing smoothly together, the organisation will suffer and could fail. There is no one simple definition of management but many people perceive it as, the exercise of formal authority over the activities and performances of others, Mullins suggests that "It is the responsibility of managers to manage, & to achieve results through the utilisation of their human resources & the efforts of other people. The way in which managers exercise their responsibilities is important. Consideration must be given to the effective management of people. Managers are only likely to be successful if they adopt certain basic managerial philosophies and an appropriate style of behaviour." (Mullins. 2005: 236) Again, there is no one simple definition of leadership, but is mainly associated with inspiration, and inspiring others, "It is a relationship through which one person influences the behaviour and actions of other people" (Mullins, 2005: 28) Within "The Edge" there seems to be a problem with the way the caf� is operating and managed. If this trend continues and certain areas are not corrected then it could lead the business to a possible collapse. ...read more.


With her bubbly attitude she may also help to reduce hostilities and generally improve the atmosphere of the caf�. Jayne also seems to fit into theory Y of motivation as she does not seem to work primarily for money, but she also enjoys the challenges thrown at her and the experience she gains from work. She seems very confident in her existing role having achieved her physiological needs through making money, (Maslow's hierarchy of needs 1960) and is working towards her self-actualisation stage by working towards a university degree. This however could change as she is continually choosing work over education which could lead to her failing her degree, and she could start resenting "The Edge." This could easily be solved by employing another member of staff. Sangita Patel is another member of staff who also fits theory Y, as she is grateful for the money she is earning, but unhappy due to having to give up a better job elsewhere. As she was a front of house manager at her old job she feels she should have more responsibility and freedom. Sangita needs to be given more responsibility before she becomes unhappier within her role, therefore due to her experience could be given a role within management. She could possibly take Penny's role allowing her to leave, and work side-by-side Sharon sharing responsibilities. ...read more.


This would then mean they could focus more on efforts of improving things and getting back to where they were when they first opened. Finding a new senior waitress, therefore freeing Penny up to go travelling and start her ambitious lifestyle. Bringing Sangita into Penny's senior waitress position so she will feel she has more responsibility and that she would be able to bring more of her experience to the role. Treat Sharon as a senior waitress if that is her role, and to equally distribute all duties fairly between the two senior waitresses. Hire another part-time waitress so that Jayne can continue her university studies and not come to resent the caf� for coming between her education. Consult Wolfram when creating new menus and allow him to introduce new dishes, have him train new staff for the new outlets. Consult Margaret and Joan about how they feel staff are working together and if they notice any problems. Use phone calls or faxes to communicate with staff instead of using e-mails. And possibly employ a secretary to deal with all letters, bills and correspondences. If these points were implemented into "The Edge" caf� I believe it would return to when the business was at its best, the members of staff were happy within their roles and the company could look forward to a bright and successful future. ...read more.

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