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"Organisational Creativity in Japanese Pearl Industry"

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"Organisational Creativity in Japanese Pearl Industry" The Executive summary The aim of this report is to analyse the creativity and barriers that exist in terms of increasing creativity in Taiyo Pearl Inc. (TPI) in Japan, by using the appropriate theories, concepts, and models. First of all, the context of the organisation that is related with a meaningful and workable notion of creativity will be explained. Secondly, how increased creativity might affect performance in the organisation will be evaluated. Thirdly, the barriers that affect increasing creativity in the chosen organisation will be identified. Finally, an action plan will be produced to reduce the barriers. The context within which Taiyo Pearl operates in Japan Since Kokichi Mikimoto finally perfected the technique of cultivating pearls in Japan in 19191, it has become a traditional custom in Japan for women to wear pearl products at formal events, such as weddings and funerals. Usually, Japanese women wear two or sometimes three of the simple pearl necklaces, earrings and rings at these formal events. Moreover, it has become another custom that a bride is usually given a set of pearl necklaces and earrings by her mother, grandmother or husband when she gets married. ...read more.


After checking and analysing the outcome, they introduced them into their core projects. Since TPI started to create many new and novel designed pearl products in 1995, it had been able to improve various things. Firstly, it had succeeded to cultivate its new image in our markets. TPI hired many creative designers of pearl products, some of whom received prizes in International Pearl Design Contest as designers for TPI, before it started to create new products. Some of their customers bought the products from the International Pearl Design Contest, which were worth tens of thousands though to hundreds of thousands pounds. Consequently, the prizes played an essential role in enhancing the status of the pearl design products in their markets. Secondly, it had succeeded to make stable sales every month. One of some reasons is that the sales representatives could avoid missing out on a lot of opportunities to sell their products, because they could have various kinds of pearl products suitable for the broad needs of their customers. This was done by adding the variety of the new and novel designed products into their bags. More specifically, the sales representatives basically had approximately five hundred thousand pound pearl products in our bags. ...read more.


2. Actual Plan 2 James (2004) says that the more satisfied your clients are, the more business you'll have in the future. Since you are the catalyst providing the solution to their problem, you are accountable for fulfilling their needs. Whenever the company had made new designed products, design department had taken the initiative before, but sales department that actually has to sell the products should have the initiative more for final making-decision on new and novel products, because sales representatives know what actually the needs of our customers are and should take more responsibility of selling them. As a result, the company would be able to make the new products more efficiently, enhance the sales and control the stocks more effectively. The first step - Design and marketing departments make the design list of various kinds of new products designed by researching the market and getting some feedback from the sales department to show sales representatives. They check over which ones are suitable for our customers, pick them up. Finally, the managers of sales, design, marketing, production and financial departments make the decision in the meetings. The second step - Design and production department make all kinds of the new products to make sales representatives check them and get some feedback about them. The final step - the company introduces them into the sales projects. ...read more.

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