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Organisational structure is important within a company.

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This assignment will assess organisational structures being described, their strengths and weaknesses and argue an alternative approach to organisational design. Organisational structure is important within a company as it has to be arranged in a way that will keep the company efficient in performance and quality for maximisation of turnover yet being arranged in a way that will benefit both workers and customers satisfaction. Also organisational structure is needed so that there are no barriers to communication and information can be passed up and down the hierarchy. If there was no structure information would get lost and there would be 'chaos' within the business. There are many types of organisational structure that can be used in different businesses for example there is the tall hierarchical structure, which has many levels in the hierarchy and a very narrow span of control. As the chain of command is long information can get lost and there are communication barriers. ...read more.


to his or her staff because he or she will have less time for each of the employees so there would be greater authority between levels. This in turn would help employees develop their skills in problem solving and decision-making giving them motivation and enjoyment in the work they do. This would definitely improve quality and performance. This could lead to 'managerial labour process whereby there is no sharp breaks between manager and workers. Also because fewer levels of hierarchy are needed, information can move quickly from employees to the manager. This would help the manager to make quick and informed decisions. This would help the company respond to their customers needs and requirements faster and better than their competitors. Therefore there would be less communication barriers. As the company would 'give him a statement of functions, the relevant procedure manual' the subordinates would be fairly experienced for the job that they are doing. Also delayering the hierarchy and widening span of control could in turn reduce managerial overheads for the business as a whole. ...read more.


There could be less efficiency but uncertainties would be met in a constantly changing economic environment. Managers would have to make constant adjustments if the market changes, but would be able to make basic choices rather than structured ones to counteract different demands. Therefore the business would not be of any specific design or organisational type, more a philosophy of organising i.e. picking up elements of different models and bringing them all together. The organic model would have strong informal networks, which would boost workers employer relationships thus boosting performance and quality of service. Also there would be unclear divisions of labour. This means that different individuals would carry out responsibilities and tasks even at high levels of the hierarchy. This would develop their skills to the best of their abilities and encourage job satisfaction. With this sort of model there would be a lot of verbal communication and delegated authority. Jobs would not be predefined, as there would be roles taken on by different ranks in the business. All these factors combined together would strengthen the business and provide the means to respond flexibly to changes in active and complex environments. ...read more.

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