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Organisational structures - ASDA+West Cheshire College

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Organisational structures Introduction In this presentation I am going to look at organisation structure, span of control and the functional areas of two businesses. Also, I am going to state their purpose and what are they aiming to do. These two organisations are ASDA Stores and West Cheshire College. Type of organisation structures Both organisations: ASDA and West Cheshire College has a hierarchical organisation structure. A hierarchical organisation has many levels and it is often called pyramid as at each level the number of employees would be greater. In this kind of structure, each department has a certain amount of staff, which does a particular task and is able to specialise in their own tasks. Possibly, the departments has to work in isolation unless there are set up procedures which allows employees to communicate. The communication needs to be passed down and there are a lot of people to be consulted before any decisions are made. These lines of communication are likely to be formal, and each employee has an official job title. Hierarchical organisational structure Some problems in communication may appear in this type of structure (horizontal - between the departments in the same level of chain) and then the company has to set up a special system to improve it. If the problem still exists then the company has to remove whole layer of staff from the structure. ...read more.


They are controlling cash inflows, and outflows as well as the capital. This area also deals with the wages, loans, and shares. Human Resources Human Resources provides the training and recruitment services. Their main role is to recruit new people, which are fully suitable for the jobs offered. They also deal with conditions of the work (to make sure that all employees are safety) and they are describes as workers representatives. Marketing/Sales Their main roles are to find out what are the customer expectations, and to advertise the company successfully. Marketing and Sales department also decides upon the strategy of the business. Functional Areas Administration and ICT Administration and ICT is involved in organising meetings, communication, making a record and filing it as well as providing technical support and the security of the documents. This area maintain the business and the administration is looking after the business action. Production Production takes care of providing services as well as getting the right equipment for the workers. Production department also deals with monitoring quality and budgets. Customer Service Customer Service main role is to provide a friendly and high quality service to the customers. Customer service department is also providing after-sales support and advise customers. West Cheshire College Purpose The main purpose of West Cheshire College is to provide education at the best abilities and it is not there to make a profit. ...read more.


The organisation can also get a feedback of its customers and see what needs to be improved in order to be even more successful. And if there is an increasing number of customers it means that the organisation will get more funds and possibly will still develop its facilities. Functional Areas Quality and Performance Ruth Jones is in charge of the quality and performance of the organisation. This area makes sure that the quality and performance of the students is at high standard in order to make the organisation more successful. Network services Jan Persjanov who is a network services manager deals with computers network and web, and provides technical support. This area provides technical support for staff as well as students. Learning Resources Nina Main who is a manager of this area deals with the resources which students and staff uses, for example: videos, books etc. This area is basically ordering the equipment and makes sure that the learning resources are appropriate. Functional Areas Information systems Liz Taylor is the assistant manager of CiS who deals with all the personal details of the students and makes sure it is kept safe. This area also supports operations, management and decision making. Finance Gary Hyde is responsible for managing the money which comes from the government as well as students. This area manages the budgets and decides what to spend the money on. Commercial Services Pat Byrne is the manager of commercial services and deals with any extra courses which are requested by external bodies. So, this area is responsible for organising those extra courses. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Structures, Objectives & External Influences section.

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