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Organisational study.

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ORGANISATIONAL STUDY The word 'business' is actually derived from the idea of 'busy-ness'. This idea accurately describes most organisations: they are busy organising resources, producing, selling, managing people and keeping track of finances. The people running the business have to organise people, money, materials and machines to produce a good or service to sell or give to their customers. The discussion I instigated was with a worker who works for Mars. His job is a sales development manager which involves him being part of a sales team which is the final connection between Mars and its marketplace. Their key responsibility is to manage business relationships with retailers, providing brands to consumers. Sales teams translate brand strategies into practical promotions that build sales at retail level. 1. What is the legal structure of the organisation? Mars is an incorporated business; this means it has a separate legal identity from its owners. ...read more.


In Europe, South America and North America, Asia and Australia the combined core businesses are run on a regional basis, each reporting in to a Regional President. Mars does not have a large central headquarters. The Slough branch is where he currently works but has been offered a place in a smaller business owned by Mars. 6. What types of staff are employed and what are the contracts of employment? There is a contract with all the terms of employment such as responsibilities, wages, bonuses and other information contained within it and it states it can be terminated if breached. As far as recruitment at Mars they have a scheme where they have university recruitment in which they recruit graduates. But anyone with the experience and qualification can be successful at Mars. 7. What is the physical environment like? In the department he works in it is fairly relaxed atmosphere and everyone has their own space but easy communication is possible as you can see each other regularly as you are not isolated. ...read more.


o o Commercial o Engineering o Finance o Information Technology o Manufacturing o Marketing o Personnel o Research and Development o Sales 10. Who are the competitors? They are Cadbury's and Nestle. The top three companies - Cadbury, Mars and Nestl� - jointly accounted for 64.4% of total confectionery sales value. Cadbury is particularly dominant in chocolate confectionery with a 33.1% share, ahead of Mars (27.4%) and Nestl� (22.2%). In sugar confectionery, Trebor Bassett had the leading share, (23.6% of sales value in 1998) compared to Wrigleys (17.3%), Nestl� (12.3%) and Mars (7.2%). Overall as the discussion went on I felt that he really enjoyed working with his team and that he worked for the team not just for himself. However I did ask if he felt the company was achieving its objectives and is it expanding and growing and meeting his expectations. He said it was and it with the business diversifying so much it may not be the dominant force in the confectionary sector but it can be in other areas and has more range than its competitors. ...read more.

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