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Organising an Event: Staging an Event

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STAGE 3: STAGING THE EVENT CONTRACTS A contract is a mutual agreement which is enforceable in a court of law. The year thirteen business studies team organizing the Prague trip for the year twelve students had signed several contracts thereby agreeing to them. There is a criterion that each contract must have passed in order to be enforceable by law. The contract must be an offer. Therefore the business or individual must have supplied goods and services to another party i.e. the year twelve and thirteen business students and staff. The offer of the contract must have also been accepted by the business or individual providing the goods and services. Once the contract has been accepted by both parties, a payment of the supply of goods and services by the customer can be considered. This can be deduced by: http://www.berr.gov.uk/employment/employment-legislation/employment-guidance/page16161.html PARENT LETTERS At Tuesday 29th January 2008, letters went out to the Parents of the year twelve and thirteen students concerning a parents evening based on the Prague trip. This was a contract offer since the year thirteen business studies team (the business), were providing a service for the year twelve students that required the parents/guardians (the other party) to accept the offer made by this team. For the parent letter to be a two-way agreement, both party representatives must have signed to it. On this letter, a representative of the year thirteen business team 'Miss Carter' had signed the letter agreeing to the offer it stated. All it required was for parents to sign the parents evening slip and return it to the representative. Therefore, the parents who signed to this slip accepted the contract, and those that failed to denied it. The disagreement of signing the contract or the actual contract may occur because the parent may have more important commitments to attend to, or the parent may not have permitted their child to go on the Prague trip. ...read more.


Despite invitations being a fast form of communication, it was still time consuming as there was a long queue in waiting to use the colour printer in the school Library. Overall, it was far quicker than using letters and cheaper since envelopes, stamps and paper would all have to be paid for just to post one letter to a staff member. I took advantage of the specialist software 'Microsoft Office Publisher 2007' to create the staff invitations. There was a wide range of specific invitation templates to choose from such as for events, fundraisers, celebrations and birthday parties: As a result, it made it quick and easy to create suitable invitations for the teaching staff. The following is a screenshot example of the finished invitation which was given to the staff members: ADVERTISING Promoting the Prague Trip to the AS level Business Students Communication Informal communication had to be used to announce the Prague trip to the year twelve business students i.e. word of mouth. This was to find out quickly and generally, how many of the year twelve business students wanted to go on the Prague trip. Making the year 12 business students aware of the Prague trip took place at 24th September 2007. However, the use of formal communication including letters was not suitable. This was because a general response rather than a definite one was needed about people who wanted to go on the Prague trip. Therefore, the year twelve business students did not have to be informed about the Prague trip formally since they were internal stakeholders (i.e. people within the school who have an influence on the plans of the Prague trip), and so writing a letter would be unnecessary. Allocation of roles At first the team leader Miss Carter was going to choose one person to inform the year twelve business. However, because promoting the Prague trip in a clear and marketable manner was so crucial for the success of its popularity, others had to volunteer to accompany those informing the AS level students about the trip. ...read more.


As a result, a student 'Lizzy Green' was caught having a drink at the accommodation (Park Hotel) bar. Also, James Dillon and Joe Medlin were assigned to teach some of the language spoken at Prague, for entertainment during the coach ride to Gatwick Airport. Gatwick Airport The coach ride went smoothly and no contingency occurred, so the group was able to get to the Airport on time and check in at 4.25pm. However, the 'easy jet' flight was set to leave at 6.25pm delayed hour, and so the Prague trip group took advantage of that time to have lunch. The team split up into their groups to have lunch at 7.00pm, and then agreed on a rendezvous for the group to get back together for the flight. Looking back the Prague trip, the team decided that money could have been saved by students and staff bringing a packed lunch, since the airport restaurants were a little expensive. The team also recommended the year twelve students at the parents evening about �20 to bring to spend on food, and so some students who did bring this amount to spend on food may have found food expensive in Prague, since they had to spend some of this money on food at Gatwick Airport. Park Hotel The team arrived safely at the 'Park Hotel' accommodation in Prague, at around 22.45pm by their coach transfer. CUSTOMER SERVICE Park Hotel After the team arrived at Park Hotel in Prague, they had an issue with three people being allocated to a two person room. As a result, the team leader Miss Carter rang up the emergency contact 'Will' the manager from European Study Tours and told him that there was supposed to be three students to a three person room, and not three students to a two person room. She also complained about the customer service the team was receiving, taking into account that the flight to Prague was delayed previously. As a result, Park Hotel issued the correct accommodation to the group. ?? ?? ?? ?? ADRIAN DANIELS YEAR 13 Unit 13- Organizing an Event 1 | Page ...read more.

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