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Organizational conflict is inevitable in a formal organization. Discuss.

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1. Organizational conflict is inevitable in a formal organization. Discuss. The above subject matter cannot be discussed without first elucidating on the key subjects viz: 'conflict' and 'formal organization'. The oxford dictionary of current English describes conflict as a lack of agreement between opinions another school of thought sees conflict as 'a state of dysfunctionality in a system'. What ever the case, conflict occurs in our everyday life either within a person when faced with problem and possible options and/ or with another individual either in a formal or informal setting. On the other hand, a formal organization is typically understood to be system/ group of people of coordinated and controlled activities that arise when work is embedded in complex networks of technical relations and boundary-spanning exchanges. In effect, organizational conflict can be described as the interaction of interdependent people who perceive incompatible goals and interference from each other in achieving those goals. This occurs in all formal settings. Disagreement between two or more parties who perceive that they have incompatible concern. Unlike the traditional view which sees conflict as being bad and as such should be avoided, the contemporary view to which I belong, sees conflict as neither inherently bad nor good but is inevitable in any formal setting and structurally induced. ...read more.


6. Different principles: No two people are the same and as such could differ in their principles. XY & Co is a partnership company co-owned by X and Y and engaged in building construction. They were contracted to erect a city mall which entails destroying residential homes of peasants. X could not stand the idea of rendering some less privileged homeless while Y sees it as a job. This type of situation is still being faced by organizations today. 7. Uncertainty avoidance: an employee could weigh his/ her options in continuing to work for a particular company who at present is not doing well. In the event of being uncertain of the future might put up a resignation letter. This, the company is reluctant to accept which sets in conflict. In conclusion, conflict is quite unavoidable in the workplace as long as two or more people are involved. They issue there then, is to make the best positive use of it since as earlier stated is neither good nor bad. 2. Organizational politics is necessary in achieving personal and organizational objectives. Discuss. The term politics have often times deceived people as they believe it is a term used mainly in government as such does not exist in other formal organizations. Recent researches have shows that 75 percent of the people have lost/fail in their jobs and companies, their market share because of politicking problems and not skill deficiencies. ...read more.


Political decisions encourage hypocrisy, secrecy, deal making, rumours, power brokers, self-interests, image building, self-promotion, and cliques - not a receipt for effective teamwork. Organizational politics is not new, particularly in countries like Nigeria and tragedy is that most of the time "HR Department" is a center of such activities. Anyone who has ever had any job, anywhere, knows that the dynamics among those who are part of the work environment play an important part in how a business is run. Apparently organizational politics is an increasing problem according to a study by Accountemps. "Eighteen percent of an administrator's time -- more than nine weeks out of every year -- is spent resolving conflicts among employees" ("Surviving Office Politics." Talent Scout. April 16, 1998). Besides causing problems for the individuals who work together, the end result can be far more devastating. Employees and managers who must concentrate on the political aspects of work may have less time to pay attention their jobs. This translates into financial loss, which may in turn translate into job loss. Politics will always be a part of organizations so long as people are involved. Organizations that are overrun with politics, however, will sooner or later take their place among the also-rans. ?? ?? ?? ?? MANAGEMENT THEORY & PRACTICE - NWOSU OKEZIE (PGD MANAGEMENT) ...read more.

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