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Organizational control

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Organizational control is the systematic process of monitoring, evaluating activities and taking corrective action in case of deviation so that accomplishments and performance standards are coherent with one another throughout an organization and assuring that plans, stated goals of the organization are achieved in a desired manner. Therefore, organizational control plays a significant role in organization's effectiveness (goal attainment) and efficiency (utilization of resources). There are three types of controls being formally called feed forward, concurrent control and feedback. The types of control will be illustrated in this essay by applications in a restaurant. Feedforward Control is Control that allows managers to anticipate problem before they arise. Feedforward control also is sometimes called preliminary control, precontrol, or preventive control. It focuses on the regulation of inputs (human, material, and financial resources that flow into the organization) to ensure that they meet the standards necessary for the transformation process. ...read more.


Concurrent control takes place while an activity is in progress. It involves the regulation of ongoing activities that are part of transformation process to ensure that they conform to organizational standards. Concurrent control is designed to ensure that employee work activities produce the correct results. Since concurrent control involves regulating ongoing tasks, it requires a thorough understanding of the specific tasks involved and their relationship to the desired and product. Concurrent control sometimes is called screening or yes-no control, because it often involves checkpoints at which determinations are made about whether to continue progress, take corrective action, or stop work altogether on products or services. For example, the manager in a restaurant can wonder around to monitor operation of restaurant so as to provide positive reinforcement for a job well done. Technology advancement can aid concurrent control as well. Restaurant can employ menu planning, restaurant inventory software to ensure fresh items available for the preparation of menu items and aiding in cutting down the waste to a minimum. ...read more.


The major drawback of this type of control is that, the time the manager has the information and if there is significant problem the damage is already done. Several illustrations of feedback control in restaurant are to analyze monthly financial reports, to calculate the rate of customers come back during the month. Moreover, restaurant can conduct customer satisfaction surveys which give quantitative insight into the opinions and attitudes of your customers. The restaurant'll obtain facts about what they want, what they expect, and if they plan to return to the restaurant again. If results show that your restaurant does not meet customers' expectations, the restaurant'll know exactly what areas to target for improvement. To sum up, the success of an organization highly depends on control. A control system will limit the number of errors that can accumulate discovery and problem solution. If control is practiced effectively, it can help reduce costs and increase output. Furthermore, Control methods are not mutually exclusive. Effectiveness of control will enhance if they are be combined into a multiple control system. ...read more.

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