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Outline a marketing plan

Extracts from this document...


Assignment Within this assignment I will outline a marketing plan which I have developed Charlys Restaurant, as part of my work for a local consultancy firm. The objective for Charlys is: to open an area within the restaurant which can be used for children for children to play and also for birthday parties by summer 2008. To achieve my objective I am going to have to do primary and secondary research into the want and need for my market plan. I am also going to have to look at a number of things: * The 7 P's * The SMART objectives * The SWOT analysis Overview of Charlys Restaurant Charly's restaurant is a privately owned business which has been running for 18 years (1989) in Coleraine. Since then the owners have opened a number of restaurants with different themes and styles including another Charlys which has recently been opened in Bangor in 2006. The owners of the restaurants are Brain Smyth and Lynda Coulter who have been in business together for 25 years. The restaurant is in Coleraine on Newbridge road which is the main road into Coleraine from Belfast. Charly's is already a family orientated restaurant with the emphasis on American dinning and the whole family having an enjoyable dinner together. This is also reflected in the price within the restaurant, meals and drinks are priced within the budget of there customers in the Coleraine and Bangor area. Already within the restaurant there is a family feel and customers choice to have birthday party's within the restaurant but have to provide there own cake and there is no entertainment for children, although all the employees within Charly's are dedicated to making a birthday at Charly's a fun experience with birthday music and balloons, more can still be done to create a all-round birthday party. Within the restaurant at the minute the adults have the responsibility of looking after the children they bring into the restaurant, which can be a task in itself to keep a child sitting at a table which you a have a meal. ...read more.


People The people within a business are the most important part of any service or experience. Services customer service has always been a large part of any business, backing up the saying people buy from people that they like, so the attitude, skills and appearance of all staff needs to be first class and at a top level, the business need to add value with its staff by focusing on training and personal selling as well as customer service. Charlys will need to train its staff to be able to cope with the children within the play area. Parents will not want to leave there children with grumpy lazy staff therefore they will have to be enthusiastic about there job and enjoy spending time with the children. This will also apply to the restaurant staff as a friendly face when coming into the restaurant and servicing at the tables is always enjoyable and important for all the customers. Processes Customers must have a range of ways in which they can pay and enjoy the services within the restaurant, this is also an advantage to the restaurant as well as the customer as it does not single out a certain way to pay. Within Charlys there are a number of ways to pay for the meal, the customer can choose to pay by cash, credit or debit card. At Charlys they feel this satisfy's there customers need. Physical evidence This is the processes which the customers will experience when they go into the restaurant. This is from when they first drive into the car park to when they are paying the bill the service when there experience should be to the highest standard so they are happy with the restaurant and want to return and the most important fact of all, that they tell there friends and family about there experience to attract more customers. ...read more.


I have produced for them making sure they fully understand all the research and ideas I have come up with when completing this task. The presentation helps the customer fully understand were the new service could take the business in terms of sales and growth within the market. Within the presentation it lays out the marketing plan for the service along with the price and the process which will go into developing the service and most importantly will display where the business is now and where the service is going to take the business in the near future. The presentation will give me the opportunity to add to the ideas I have placed within the assignment and fully explain the marketing plan I have for Charlys Restaurant. Conclusion In conclusion I would hope that the introduction of a children's play area on the site of Charlys restaurant, this is a unique service which Charlys is bringing into the local area along with the popularity of the restaurant and the excellent location on a busy and residential area of the north coast, the service could only be but a success for the business. Charlys is committee to providing a excellent customer service alongside a fun family experience for every age young and old, also providing value for money. Charlys are committed to continuing this excellent service and branch out bringing this service to the new Charlys restaurant which is in Bangor. Charlys offer an all round excellent service for each person who visits Charlys Restaurant, Charlys provide a fun friendly down to earth interest in each customer who comes into Charlys and this service will continue for years to come with the fun experience being enhanced by the play area for children. I feel that with the introduction of the play area into Charlys Restaurant it will help Charlys to become a local household name and a attraction for tourists helping the business go from strength to strength. ?? ?? ?? ?? Charly Smyth Marketing ...read more.

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